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Ticapapel (born Daniel Victor, on August 22, 1992) in Natal (RN, Brazil), is a weird guy addicted to games, and of course, to Guitar Hero. He is a Dualshock player, but is currently playing Guitar Hero on his third-party plastic guitar, trying to move on to Expert. His main goal is to win a tournament (of Guitar Hero 3 and Naruto Narutimet Accel 2) that is going to happen in last saturday of November.

Not a very skillful player, Daniel tries his best to archieve some accomplishments. He is often challenging DiegotsBR to beat some of his scores. Daniel owns the first four GH games, playing most times Guitar Hero 3 on Hard difficulty. All of his scores uploaded were archived using only the standard controller, without switch to the guitar. He have beaten every song of first four games, an accomplishment which he is proud of.

Guitar Hero III (PS2)
Total Score18,950,653

hahaha, that's it xP no big deal here. I do have an Orkut, MSN, Youtube and Last FM, later I'll add my links here.

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