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Undead's Page

Hey! My name is Félix, and my ScoreHero username is UndeadFil13QC. I was born in 199*SHOT*

Here are some of my proudest GH accomplishments:

Guitar Hero

Favorite songs: Bark At The Moon, Fire It Up, Fly On The Wall, Even Rats, All Of This, Godzilla, Frankenstein, Cowboys From Hell, No One Knows
Least favorite songs: Farewell Myth, Eureka, I've Found Love

Best FC: Bark At The Moon
Best sightread FC: Take Me Out

Guitar Hero II

Favorite songs: Hangar 18, Beast And The Harlot, Jordan, Six, YYZ, Drink Up
Least favorite song: Red Lottery

Best FC: Jordan
Best sightread FC: Can't You Hear Me Knockin'

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s

Favorite songs: Ballroom Blitz, Play With Me, Caught In A Mosh, Electric Eye, Holy Diver, Balls To The Wall
Least favorite songs: Los Angeles, Police Truck

Best FC: Ballroom Blitz
Best sightread FC: Holy Diver

Guitar Hero III

Favorite songs: Monsters, Take This Life, My Curse, The Number Of The Beast, The Way It Ends
Least favorite songs: Mauvais Garçon, Kool Thing

Best FC: Through The Fire And Flames
Best sightread FC: I'm In The Band (Hard)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Favorite songs: Dream On, Walk This Way (both), Train Kept A Rollin'
Least favorite song: Talk Talkin'

Best FC: Train Kept A Rollin'
Best sightread FC: Pandora's Box

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Favorite songs: Scream Aim Fire, Assassin, Never Too Late, Satch Boogie, Vicarious
Least favorite songs: Toy Boy, Hollywood Nights

Best FC: Satch Boogie
Best sightread FC: Kick Out The Jams

Guitar Hero: Metallica

Favorite songs: All Nightmare Long, Whiplash, Cyanide, Master Of Puppets, Fade To Black, For Whom The Bell Tolls, War Ensemble, Blood And Thunder, Beautiful Mourning
Least favorite songs: Demon Cleaner, Mother Of Mercy

Best FC: One
Best sightread FC: The Shortest Straw

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Favorite songs: Cowboys From Hell, Caught In A Mosh, Play With Me, Through The Fire And Flames, Smoke On The Water, Bark At The Moon, Beast And The Harlot
Least favorite song: Barracuda

Best FC: Through The Fire And Flames
Best sightread FC: Bark At The Moon

Guitar Hero 5

Favorite songs: 2 Minutes To Midnight, Demon(s), Done With Everything Die For Nothing, Sweating Bullets, Sultans Of Swing, Plug In Baby, Under Pressure
Least favorite songs: Blue Day, Sympathy For The Devil, In My Place

Best FC: 21st Century Schizoid Man
Best sightread FC: Demon(s)

Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Favorite songs: Painkiller, I'm The One, Eruption, Spanish Fly, Master Exploder, Come To Life, I Want It All
Least favorite songs: Safe European Home, White Wedding (Part 1)

Best FC: Spanish Fly
Best sightread FC: The Takedown

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

Favorite songs: Black Widow Of La Porte, Ties That Bind, Psychosocial, This Day We Fight!, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Sudden Death, Bohemian Rhapsody
Least favorite songs: Been Caught Stealing, There's No Secrets This Year, I Know What I Am

Best FC: Ties That Bind (Honorable mention: Black Widow Of La Porte)
Best sightread FC: Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Bass)

That's about it. Look at my accomplishments thread for random stuff I did recently.

Note: If anyone can help me upgrading this page, tell me what to add :s And please feedback =P

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