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My name is Tim, or WVUMountaineers. I live in Maryland, and I'm 16 years old. I've been playing music games for a couple years now, and have become a sort of afficianado. It's really one of my favorite things to do.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band History

I was part of the large number of people who was not aware of the orginal Guitar Hero when it was released. It was one day in a Stuebenville, Ohio Gamespot, I saw the box for the game sitting there, and became interested. I went home and read a few reviews, and was impressed that what seemed like a filler game was getting such rave reviews. I then looked at the game's setlist, and at first found it disappointigly cliche. The inclusion of I Love Rock and Roll, Smoke on the Water, and Iron Man (all good songs by the way) made it seem that it was just a basic rock game. Then I read the rest, and was blown away by the final two tiers. The last ten songs were all great choices in my opinion, and were not cliche in the least bit. So I told my mom about the game, and she promised that it would be taken care of for Christmas.

Getting the Game and Starting Out (Easy/Medium)
On December 25, 2006, I opened the game. But to my shock, it wasn't what I expected. It was the elongated box, with "Guitar Hero" written across it, but next to it was written "II." I had no idea that they had already made a sequel! So with my Cherry Red SG in hand, me and my hastily named game band "Damn Windows," started up Shout at the Devil on easy. It didn't take long to figure out that I had a long ways to go. After three times of watching Axle shake his head while the Battle of the Bands crowd booed, I finally threw my pride to the wind and hit up practice mode. It took awhile to get it down, but after that, I stormed through easy with out another fail, alot of 5 stars, a few 4 stars, and one 3 star (John the Fisherman). I took care of medium at an equally swift pace, albeit a brief stoppage at Institutionalized.

Improving (Hard)
So after teaching myself a couple more advanced techniques, I started hard. I didn't have the typical Medium-Hard transistion struggles that are so widely publicized on Scorehero and Gamefaqs forums, but I didn't exactly hit the ground running. I limped through the first few tiers with three stars across the board. At this point my interest in the game started to gradually fade. After a hiatus, I strapped the battle axe back on, and saw some pretty amazing improvments immediatly, I brought up the old scores, and was able to push through some more. This is when I hit my first major wall. Carry Me Home and Psychobilly Freakout. It took a LONG time, but I did eventually beat them. After that, I took care of the 8th tier with relative ease. I was the first person in my group of friends to beat hard, so I enjoyed the bragging rights. My time on hard also intertwined with the Rocks the 80's release. I stormed through the hard career on release day minus Play With Me, which took a couple of days.

At Long Last (Expert)
My expert career is very wierd, for the simple reason that different releases and ownership of games had effects on my progress. After tearing up the first few tiers I came to a wall at the 6th tier. After being stuck for awhile, I stopped Guitar Hero II because of the release of Guitar Hero III. I bought the game (Wii) and took out the hard career. This was October 07. In late December 07, I bought my Xbox 360. By March 08, I owned Rock Band and 360 Guitar Hero II (for an extra guitar) as well. And by June, I had traded my copy of Guitar II (360) to a friend for his copy of GH3 360. So after going back in forth between games, my progress basically comes out like this.

Sorry if thats so confusing.

Rock Band Career
Since Rock Band is much less linear, and the game I play most often, it gets its own section. I got the original Rock Band in Jaunary, and beat both Guitar and Drums. Most of my time was spent in quickplay though, going through my DLC. With Rock Band 2, I did ESL2 by myself on Expert Bass, and got BoS in the process. I now have 1000/1000 GS on Rock Band 2. I consider myself mainy a bassist/guitarist, although I also do drums, and have seen a remarkable improvment in my game singing recently. I download alot of DLC, but am not a DLC whore. I download what I like, and nothing else. That's basically a moot point though, because I like pretty much all kinds of music.

Non-game Music

Outside of the games, I am also an accomplished real musician. I've played drums for seven years, and that is my main instrument to play. I play tenors in my school's drumline, am in the concert band/percusion ensemble where I can play both mallet and battery percussion, and play drumset in the school jazz band, as well as my own Heavy Metal band. Since I've started, I've done several honor band's and won several awards. Also, I've played keyboard for a few years, and am quickly becoming skilled. I am in the process of getting my first modern keyboard and replacing my 1970's hand-me-down Yamaha PortaSound. I haven't performed on keyboard yet, except for banging out a quick rendition of "Bad Company" at an open-mic night about 2 years ago while some friends sang. I've experamented with guitar and harmonica as well, but haven't gotten serious about them yet.

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