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Hey, I'm WeeChrissy (I'm a member of the Runescape wiki, so I know how to work this :P)
I play Guitar Hero in my spare time but my Xbox broke just a few days ago so I've been pretty much bored as hell. Anyway, I play fluently on Hard and I find it insane to hit hammer-ons and pull-offs on GH2 and Rock Band. I don't have Rock Band 2 since I live in Scotland :(

I've had GH3 for about 4/5 months, I'm not sure.

I have GH2 aswell but when I played my first song, Heart Shaped Box, that's when I got the 'Red Ring of Death'. I usually play it round at my friend's house.

I don't have Rock Band but I also play this at my friend's house.

My Achievements

*FC'd Jordan sightread on medium :)

*ALMOST broke a mil on Freebird (with BlakJak360), we got 986k I think.

That's probably it, I'll add more when I remember.

*Complete the Easy career and 5-star all songs.

*Complete the Medium career and 5-star all songs.

*Complete the Hard career and ALMOST 5-star all songs.

*FC TTFAF on Easy :D

*Broke a mil on Operation Ground and Pound (with BlakJak360 again.)

Again, I can't remember anymore.

Rock Band

*FC GGAHT on Medium, SIGHTREAD! and broke a mil at the same time (with BlakJak360 again!) That's the best I've done so far.

*Reach GGAHT in the Endless Setlist on Expert, then I kept failing epicly :P

Again! I can't remember anymore :)

Well, that's it - Thanks for reading!


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