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Hello, welcome to my ScoreHero Wiki page! My name is Xusder, and I play rhythm games.


Now, many people ask me about my user name. Many people often try to pronounce it, or try to spell it, or even try to put a meaning behind it. In reality, it has only one true meaning. It doesn't mean "some fairy tale city", or "some weird Greek name for 'pasta noodle', or even a " hardcore sexual position". No, my friends, it only means one thing: It is "Red Sux" backwards!

See, back in the halcyon days of the internet (28.k modems, pornography sites that look like someone took a Geocites site template and pasted 20x20 pixel nudes on it, and Napster) there were too many people on the internet named "Fred". "How's this?", you say? Too many people named "Fred"? Yes, too many goddamn people named "Fred" or as my full first name is spelled "Freddie". When I would have to input my user name on several different sites, I found that there was someone else who had taken my preferred screen name. This pissed me off to no end.

I know you must be shaking your head, thinking "Why can't this schmuck modify his name and add little different things to differentiate himself from those other 'Freds'?". And I would agree with you. But, there was another problem. Every time I would come up with another sort of similar/different name, someone else had taken the damn screen name!

"Fred1995", taken.

"Freddie88", Taken.

"FrEdRiCo19586837249823742938472389472", GODDAMN TAKEN!

I was clearly at the end of my rope, swatting at the frayed ends of my sanity, and clinging to precious hope. Hope, that one day, I could make a unique and everlasting name that was mine and only mine; forever. After the umpteenth time I was rejected my user name of choice, I got angry.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK! Fred Sucks! It's a shitty name! TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS LITTLE BLUE MARBLE OF A FUCKING EARTH HAVE THE NAME FRED! FUCKING FRED SUCKS!", I yelled at the top of my lungs. I was having a tantrum; being only 7 at the time, I needed a user name and password to access some message board to get some naughty pictures. I almost gave up in frustration, when I had been hit with an idea. A idea so brilliant, so GOOD, that it was like getting a blowjob from God.

Fred. Sucks.

Fred. Sux.

Xus. Derf.

By god! I had found it. My holy grail of a name! But, I realized that maybe the "f" needed to be left out. I didn't like the idea of people calling me "derf". See, people who know me personally, and most of the people in my family (relatives and all), call me "Red". It's short hand for "Fred", because my father is named "Freddie". Didn't see that one coming didn't you? As I said before, there are too many people in this world called "Fred", or "Freddie"; and in my situation, I was a "Freddie Jr.". I took out the letter "f", and became the alias you know and love (hate) today!

So that's my story, pretty fucking sweet huh? No? Okay, well then go fuck yourself, then go unfuck yourself, because it's time, BABY!


Time for me to go to bed, I got work in the morning...

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