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Real Name: Zack Feenstra
State of Residence: Michigan
Age: 16
Favorite GH: Guitar Hero III

Table of Contents:

  1. GH Career
  2. RB Career
  3. Accomplishmets

GH Career

Hi, this is ZackaryCF, and welcome to my Scorehero Wiki page! I'm not exactly sure what to put here just yet, but I will add as time goes on. First off, I began playing Guitar Hero shortly after the release of the original Guitar Hero game. My neighbor bought it, and we beat it together on Hard. Then, I didn't play again until Guitar Hero II came out the next year, and again my neighbor and I beat it together on hard. I played when I was at friends houses and whatnot, but never owned the game. Then, the summer after my Freshman year of high school, my cousin let me borrow his SG and GH II. I got instantly hooked, quickly beating the game on Expert and then beginning my quest for The Log. For those who don't know, The Log is the guitar you unlock when you Five-Star every song in the Expert career. This quest continued into my Sophomore year, at which point I met Rocco, (SH Username t4kobuck3t), who was also making an effort towards The Log at the time. Together we played non-stop for a few weeks until we both got the The Log the same day sometime in September. The release of Guitar Hero 3 was huge for me, and I quickly Five-Starred every song except Raining Blood and Through the Fire and Flames, which took a little longer. Over that winter, t4kobuck3t and I stopped playing together, and both slowly lost interest. That winter, I had nothing better to do, so I unpacked my PS2 and took aim at GH3 Guitar God status (Five-Starring all songs including bonus songs on Expert). My skills quintupled within a month, and I easily Five-Starred TTFaF and RB. Fast forward 3/4 a year, and here I am, I practically never play the game, but I still keep getting better every time I play, and I recently sold my PS2 in an effort to buy a 360 (which I now have). During my "GH vacation", my friend left it at my house, so I sat down to see what I could do. In a week I got 803k on TTFaF, and 67 FC's on GH3 (on-disc). Right now, I'm waiting for Christmas, so I can get GH3 and World Tour, and get my GH career back on track.

RB Career

I got Rock Band around March 2008, and easily gold starred all 58 songs on Expert Guitar, and I have no idea how many FC's I had. Then I moved to drums. I started on Hard, and moved to Expert within 2 days. Then I beat the Expert tour within 2 weeks, then I Five-Starred it (with 50 something gold stars) a couple months later. I played drums a heck of a lot more than guitar, cause the guitar was no challenge at all. Eventually, me and my friend FatBox, started playing Guitar/Drums together, with my on guitar, and him on drums. We only posted scores together for about a month before we both sold the game, but we still got some impressive stuff done. We're still first or at least top 10 on every song we've ever submitted a score for on PS2, and we have multiple 1sts on 360, and only a few scores not top ten. As I said, we've both sold the game by now, as he's focusing on Halo (maybe going MLG soon), and I needed money for my 360.


Here's a list of what I consider my top 5 GH/RB accomplishments to date:

  1. 803k TTFaF
  2. TWiE FC
  3. First ever PS2 Expert Drum Detroit Rock City FC
  4. Ride The Lightning FC
  5. Free Bird FC

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