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About me

I'm Zacmanman. That's pretty much it. I'm a college student who plays guitar hero and rock band. I play a lot of both. I only play on expert but to grind achievements I do play on lower dificulties because harmonix and activision didn't believe in stacking achievements. I'm an overall mediocre player. I've only been playing a year but I've gotten a lot better since the first time I picked up the game. Really I have. I am not anywhere near a top player but I am the best that I know, but only because I consistently beat Raining blood and I have gotten close to beating Through The Fire and The Flames I have beaten Through The Fire and The Flames.


My History of Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

I played this game all of one time. For about sixty seconds. Just as a test to see if my friends PS2 was working the way we wanted it to. I always wanted to play this game but I never got the chance to. I was in 9th or 10th grade when it came out and my family wasn't anywhere near wealthy enough to buy stuff like this. There are good songs in this game though, none of which have been played by me. I heard bad things about the timings so I never really tried to play it. Also a little tid bit, I only played this game after I had beaten guitar hero 3.

Guitar Hero 2

This is the first guitar hero Game I have ever owned. I bought it for the 360 when I bought my 360 about a year ago. I personally think it has the best song list. YYZ, trogdor and Thunderhourse are a few favorites. I beat this game about a week before I beat Guitar Hero 3. I loved playing it and it made of a better player due to the tight timings(in comparison to Guitar Hero 3). I also love the Xplorer. It is the first guitar I owned. I actually had the guitar before the game. Before any game I owned, but more on that a little later. This is also the first game I used hyperspeed in, which I fell in love with. Overall this game was pretty awesome.

Guitar hero: Encore to the '80s

This game wasn't bad, but I never played most of it and I personally think it was really just a delay because it didn't do much different from guitar hero 2.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

This is the first game I got serious about. I first obtained this game for the PC illegitimately and bought an Xplorer for about half off and played on the PC, which is a horrible idea, pass up the chance if you get to. The game on the PC is really bad unless you have a badass pc, and even then it tends to be harder to play than on a console. This all happened months before I got a 360 though. I got the game for the 360 from a friend of mine and then spent a lot of time playing. It took me a while, but I beat the game within a short time on the 360. I never beat it on the PC. This game was, by far, much harder then Guitar Hero 2, but I loved it anyway. The graphics were improved and the songs were fun. Raining Blood, although being very very difficult, is on of my favorite songs to play (when I can pass it). I have come very close to beating Through The Fire and the flames. I consistently fail right after "What The...!?!" but I'm trying. I will probably play this game for years to come because of the unique song selection as well as Through The Fire and The Flames. I love that song, as well as many others in the game. I have beaten Through The Fire and The Flames. I yelled and jumped and threw things when I beat it, it really is an accomplishment above all others when it comes to gaming. Well, most others.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

I don't care what anyone says. I loved this game. I love Aerosmith and I love what they did with this game. The charts were fun and the songs were good but the things I really loved were the animations. They did a fantastic job capturing the entire band and watching Steven Tyler and Joe Perry sing and do crazy stuff was pretty awesome. I really think this game doesn't get the praise it deserved.

My History with Rock Band

Rock Band

I didn't really like rock band when it first came out and, frankly, I still don't really like it too much. I did, however, fall in love with the simulation of being in a band. Me, my best friend, his brother and another good friend all played in a band, all expert. Our band was called "The Battletoads". It was awesome. We finished the game together, the only thing we never got to do was the endless setlist. We actually played it,but we were about four songs away when I accidentally backed out. We were on Green Grass and had failed it approximately 66546 times because of my friend's brother. He was on bass and he sucks life at the game. Green grass I think is about six songs away from beating it, but I don't care, I think we beat it anyway. The only hard song left to play was Run to the Hills, which we had beaten a few times before. I didn't like the song choice to this game all to much but I do think they did a good job of evolving from the linear setlist. Although I did play Creep and a few other songs 500 times before getting to the harder songs, and I have to say that it sucks to play the same song 40 times just to get to the rest of the game.
I also played the PS2 version of Rock Band and, holy crap, did it suck. It took away so much from the game that was on the PS3 and 360 that I really started to dislike the game more after that. The game, on the PS2, tended to break as well. The two people who I knew who owned the game on the PS2 both said that eventually the game stopped working sometime down the line. Which sucks when you pay $150+ for a game and it just stops working.

Rock Band 2

This is the first rock band game that I have ever owned. I bought it with a friend of mine as a standby for Guitar Hero: World Tour. I think it has an even worse song choice than Rock band, minus a few really good ones (Master Exploder). The game also has a really bad glitch that causes all of your save data to take a huge dump on your face. I had to get the bus and van twice because of it. I also lost my character, so I had to make a new one. Other than that, I can't say it is too bad. I wish I had drums, but I'm poor so I can't buy any. I'm just going to wait until world tour to buy drums though. I like how the set looks and I, frankly, have enjoyed what activision has done for the game so I do want it. Overall, Rock Band 2 is nice, better if you already have all the instruments, but I'm a big guitar hero fanboy in the end. I actually sold this game on amazon because I fell that Gears of War 2 was better and I was also upset that this game has no replay value to me because I dislike the selection.

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