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About Me

So, the names Sal.
Gamertag: aGrundleMonster
YouTube account: aGrundleMonster
ScoreHero name: aGrundleMonster
...noticing a pattern?

im 15, own and play Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band, and Rock Band 2.
I play on expert for all instruments. Check me out at

Rock Band 2 Goals

[x] Beat Rock Band 2 and get 1000 gamerscore
[x] Beat Every Song on Guitar(X)
[x] Beat Every Song on Vocals(X)
[x] Beat Every Song on Drums (X) <--YAS!
[ ] Platinum all instruments.
[3*] 5 star visions on guitar
[6/84] FC the setlist on Vocals(X)
[ ] Top 50 Vocals(X) on ScoreHero
[ ] Top 10 Vocals(X) on ScoreHero
[ ] FC They're Red Hot Vocals(X)
[x] Beat They're Red Hot Drums(X)

Guitar Hero 3 Goals

[x] Beat Through the Fire and the Flames
[ ] 5 star Through the Fire and the Flames
[ ] 5 star all on disc songs <-- Raining Blood, TTFAF.
[ ] 5 star the entire Metallica Album
[ ] Legit "Enlightened Guitarist" Achievement (20 FC's)
[345] Get 500 Gamerscore in the game.

Ok, so i need your help

click on some ads at the bottom to help me earn money towards DLC so i can show you all the charts and whatnot. You will be helping me and taking no more than 20 seconds out of your life, (unless you're helpful and you'd do it more than once, taking all of a minute)

Work In Progress!

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