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Name: Rob Nemeth
Age: 20
SH name: Mine changed with Counter Strike. First I was echoesofshadows, shortened it to echo, noticed a lot of echo's, changed it to acrality, shortened it to acra, kept it since. Used to be my band's name (which is really just me). Changed it to Salvage the Structure, and that is what I plan on keeping it as.
Hometown: Nowheres, MI
Occupation: I cook, and I teach friends how to play (real) guitar for a couple bucks.

Intro To Scorehero: I was on the old GH forum for a while, and I remember Cyberscore being brought up at some point, and then I remember JCirri's thread about making a site with better scoretracking than cyberscore (which he definitely did). So I joined as echoesofshadows. Forgot my password, rejoined as acra.

How I got Started On GH: I was excited as hell for this one because I already played real guitar and I loved Amplitude. Played at Best Buy, bought it not 10 minutes later.

Strengths: Alt-strumming, fast sections, ziggys in 3's

Weaknesses: Ziggy's in 4's, trills

Favorite song from GH1: Get Ready to Rokk, Tripolette
Least Favorite song from GH1: Hey You (I was really sad/angry when I realized that it wasn't Pink Floyd)
Favorite Song From GH2: H18, Institutionalized, TLtB
Least Favorite From GH2: Elephant Bones and FTK (Vagiant, to me, sounds like Vagina Ant. That's negative appeal.)
Favorite Customs: The Crusher, Concerto, Speed Metal Messiah, Sound the Surrender. So many good ones.

Random favorites:

Bands - Thrice (early), Darkest Hour, Sum 41 (middle period), A Wilhelm Scream, All That Remains, Arsis, In This Moment, Mors Principium Est, Ill Nino, My Bitter End, Rise Against (though the new CD was absolutely terrible), and Five Finger Death Punch. Dream Theater is also awesome, but I have to be in the right mood for them (long songs aren't typically my thing).

Guitarists - Paul Gilbert, Kris Norris, John Petrucci, John 5, Joe Satch, Alexi Laiho

Will definitely be adding more in here soon.

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