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Hey Scorehero!

About Me

My name is Bryan, my name bdMoron comes from my first initial, middle initial, and a play on my last name. I have been hearing that joke on my last name my whole life <_< Anyway I currently live in NC, but I was born in Indianapolis, IN. I'm still in high school(inb4underage). I'm 16 going on 17.
I have been playing guitar hero for almost one year! From the release of GH3 to be exact! I Have been hooked ever since! I started on medium, then in about a week I was on hard. I beat hard in about 2 days. Then it took me about a month to beat expert. So in little over a month I went from failing Paint it black on Medium (first song I ever attempted <_>) to beating Lou. I think I did pretty good :) Anyway I am currently playing the crap out of Rock Band. I beat Run to the Hills today on Expert Drums, needless to say I was happy :). I play Drums on Expert, Guitar/Bass on Expert, and most Vocal songs on Expert (its a work in progress) My Gamertag is VOD TE4BG1N (for the moment, I have to change the spelling alot from people reporting it) Anyone who wants to play Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 3 or anygame send me a friend request. WARNING:Im really good at gears of war, dont believe me? give me a try ;]

Best Achievments

Beating RB1 Drums on expert
58/58 Gold Stars on Rock Band 1 Guitar
690k On TTFAF
22nd Hard Career GH3

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