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Hello everybody, I'm bdawg95. Some of you may know me, but most of you are probably "Who the fuck is this guy?". Well, I'm here to tell you who I am.

Beginning Of Guitar Hero/Rock Band Experience

My guitar hero experience started in 2006 near Christmas time. I think GH2 had just come out (correct me if I'm wrong) and had started to play the game at my local Best Buy. Now, I lived in a pro-Nintendo family, so I was screwed on the being able to play GH front. But thankfully enough, my friend had a PS2 and GH. So for the next year or so, I'd go over to his house and play it. And play it so much that it pissed him off.

But then, in October 2007, my parents got me GH3 for the Wii and the rest is history. I was the stereotypical new GH player. I played the game whenever I could, and did nothing else. But yet, I still couldn't get past hard. But then Rock Band came to be, and all was well in the world.

History of Having GH/RB

At Christmas 2007, I received and Xbox 360 and Rock Band. I was SUPER excited, mainly for the fact that I had an Xbox. But, I realized I was gonna be absolutely dreadful on every instrument at first, so I decided to pick the one instrument that intrigued me the most. That instrument was drums, and from that day out, drums has been my main instrument.

I didn't start playing RB seriously until I joined SH after seeing it on a few of someguy's vids. Once I joined, I decided to play through the hard drum campaign, then expert. I raced through hard with some pretty good scores, but then I hit the last tier and BOOM! I stopped. I kept on playing RttH many a time, but I could never get it down. I moved onto expert and decided that I"d come back to hard and hope that I could beat it. I never went back, and just kept on truckin' through expert.

The third to last tier was my first roadblock on my road to victory, but, surprisingly enough, I passed DoA without too many troubles. But then tier 7 came and brought DFTR and FP/LT. It took me soooo freakin' long to beat DFTR, probably about a month. It was insane. As soon as I passed it I screamed "YESSSSSSS" so loud it woke my sister up.

Then comes the last tier. I got stuck on this tier for about one month, mainly on Run to the Hills. It got so frustrated once that I broke my drumsticks. But as soon as I passed it I yelled, "Fuck Yes!", even though I'm not supposed to curse in my house. I was pardoned for it.

Referral Links (a.k.a. Facebook, uStream,)

Facebook uStream Xbox Live Gamertag=bdawg95

Feel free to add me on Facebook, as long as you attach a message saying who you are and what your SH name is/XBL Gamertag.

Favorite Songs, Movies, etc.

Favorite Song: Right now, Round and Round
Favorite Band: The Who
Favorite Movie: The Matrix (the first movie)
Favorite Game other than GH/RB: Rainbow Six Vegas

My Current RB Stats

Accomplishment Thread on RB Side

The reason why I don't have many RB stats is cause my camera sucks at taking pictures, and I have no way to record scores. :(

Rock Band (Drums, 360)
Total Score4,008,806
Rock Band (Bass, 360)
Total Score122,972

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