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Guitar Hero: A Quiet Moment Of Reflection
Hi. My name is Ben. I used to do this daily, but that was months ago. I've now been clean for almost 2 years and I've never felt better. Without the aid of my peers, family, and counselers, I shudder to imagine where I'd be today. It was a long, painful, and extremely horrifying process, but slowly and surely, my broken body began to heal, as well as my state of mind. One day, I woke up and my head was clear for the first time in years. With tears of joy streaking down my face as a result of this miracle, I opened the window and nakedly embraced the beautiful sunrise, free of all inhibitions, prancing around my room, and it's all thanks to those select few who made it all possible. So if you're reading this page, thank you! ...Wait, this is supposed to be about Guitar Hero?

Long story short, started a few months ago, played a bit, got into Top 5 on GH1X (for a month or so), and Top 50 in both GH2/3. Stopped playing and started doing other stuff more.

If you're going to edit this page, keep in mind I know where you live

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