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hey guys. you may know me as blackout4, but my real name is jake. my common nickname is j-fresh. im 13 years old, however i am very mature. I have 2 younger brothers, 7 and 11. i live just north of Chicago, Illinois. my birthday is August 28th, 1995. as i was a yound kid, i was very active. i was then, and still am, always outside. whenever im inside, thats when i play games, cause i dont like tv too much. when i was around 5, i started baseball and football. i was a phenom almost at soccer, and then i quit at 9. ill tell you later why. i still play baseball to this day. i have been playing travel baseball since 10, and its a good way to help keep me active. i also play football and run track. for football, i am a safety. my team recently went undefeated in the regular season, but lost the 1st round of the playoffs. in track, i run the half-mile and the mile. my best half-mile time is 2:38 and best mile time is 5:55. i know im good at running, but i dont take it too seriously. i had the perfect childhood, going to good schools, always with my parents, etc. then, at 9, my parents divorced. this changed my life forever. my dad was my idol, and he moved 45 minutes away, and my mom, me and my brothers moved also. we moved from a nice house in a big neighborhood to a townhouse in a new town. i had to change schools and everything, but i think it was for the better, due to the constant fighting. i became a bad kid until 7th grade, due to me being somewhat depressed. my 6th grade resume included 4 suspensions, 10 demerits, countell detentions, and countless broken windows. in the summer of 2007, i went to best buy one time. this was a week after the release of gh:rocks the 80's. i saw these 2 "nerds" playing on the expert level, and i thought people who play guitar hero dont have a life. so i picked it up, and i started easy. i was hitting the buttons, and i noticed i wasnt hitting any notes. then my friend told me when the note comes, you have to strum. ever since that moment, i liked guitar hero. i picked it up that next day, and was on easy for maybe 2 weeks. then i went to medium, and it was no problem. i got to hard, and i had sooooooo much trouble. after almost a week, i got up to tier 4 in gh:80's. then, there was trouble. i couldnt pass any of the songs. after 2 weeks, i passed every song in that tier except for What I like About You. that took me probably 50 tries and 3 weeks to pass. i did that, then hard was kinda easy. at about december, i moved up to expert. i worked my way up from there, and i am at where im at now. i heard about scorehero this summer, and i have been some-what addicted since. i also got an xbox 360 in december and XBL in february. i usually play bass, although i prefer guitar. if you wana know anything more about me, then ask. IM EDITING THIS PAGE ITS NOT CLOSE TO DONE!!!

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