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My E-Drum Setup

I have a Roland TD-9 that interfaces with the game through a Sethbox, which is a custom MIDI adapter that supports PS3 or Wii, RB/GH:WT/Drummania.

My pads are a Roland PD-105 for the snare, and three PinTech ConcertCast toms. In order to prevent double-hits on the ConcertCast, I have changed the threshold on the brain from the default "2" to "16".

I am using the default hi-hat pedal that comes with the TD-9, mapping open hi-hat to blue and closed hi-hat to yellow. To prevent double-hits when I close the hi-hat I have mapped the pedal itself to 0.

I am using the default kick pad that comes with the TD-9, but I have changed the threshold on the brain from the default "8" to "16".

With these settings, I can play a song like Just a Girl (which has a bunch of double-kicks and snare rolls) without any overhits/kit misses.

RB2 Drum Tips

Note: I wrote this a while ago and don't really stand by much of it. Maybe I'll get back to it and update later.

Let There Be Rock: For long songs like this I cross my arms over to keep my right arm from tiring out. I play normally until my right arm is tired, then I switch to play red with my right and yellow with my left. It's not too tough to do and this is an easy gold star once you can.
Bad Reputation: Never content to do things the easy way, the first couple times I was playing basically the whole verse with my right hand. It's obviously a lot easier (and fun) to stick it RL and move around the kit.
Shoulder to the Plow: Not much of a tip, but if you are just trying to pass you have to get the first two OD phrases. The second one is an O R+G O R+G O R+G series. That will get you through the crazy stuff at the end of the verse with the blue/yellow flams and bass. There are two verses so after you get past that you should make sure to have OD for the second one as well.
Panic Attack: The intro part (that recurs) can be broken down as 16 8th notes in the pattern 3-3-3-3-2-2. It's actually a reasonably common beat and it's not in odd time or anything. It's mainly hard because of the speed. If you really can't pass this I would probably either skip the pads or skip one bass note in each double kick and you'll probably be ok. The odd riff is a lot harder. So far I can only get 97% at 70% speed! The way I passed it was to skip some of the blue notes. Take it into practice at some low speed and do just the bass and snare and you see it's a common metal pattern from songs like Sleepwalker. image, image image image, image, image image image, and so on. Now still at that speed, add in blues on the second part's bass notes. So it's image, image image image, image, image image image. About halfway through there is a image which is easy to play so might as well hit that too. So you are basically skipping two blues notes in each pattern. At each speed, first play the snare and bass only until you can handle that, then add in the blues. You should be able to hit enough notes to survive without OD, and with OD it's pretty easy.

RB1 Drum Tips

General: Look up the path for any song you are doing.

29 Fingers: I hit the first roll RLRLRL and the third roll LRLRL. I'll let you know when I hit the 2nd roll :).
In Bloom chorus: The chorus pattern is one you will see in a ton of songs. You just have to learn to alternate hands and feet. You can count each section "1 and 2 and 3 and 4", and you be using your foot on each "and". The final beat you use both hands and feet but if it's easier to only do the hands at first to pass it, that works.
Mississippi Queen: If your calf wears down playing this, try playing it heel up. "Heel up" means you lift and drop your entire leg instead of just your foot. It can give you more speed but at first you will have difficulty controlling it. This comes with practice. Songs with nearly constant bass lend themselves well to "heel up". Note that this style can be hard on the stock pedal so you may want to reinforce it first.
Maps: At first I tried playing all the triple hits with the same hand. It is hard to maintain a constant foot rhythm if you do this. I eventually realized it was a lot easier to play each one with RLR sticking. So on the chorus you are moving your left hand between hitting Red and Green; it's a lot of fun to play it this way in addition to being easier.
Reptilia chorus: This is a basic beat with the bass on the off-beat, but people new to Expert might not be able to handle it at that speed. All you can do is practice it at 80% and 90%, or play songs like Here It Goes Again and Main Offender until you can 5* them. Eventually this song is a piece of cake.
Time We Had chorus: Start all the rolls with your right hand and the bass will always end up lining up with your right hand.
Hand that Feeds: Play the triplets RLR, with bass lining up on the second R. For the chorus, if you really suck at using bass with your left hand, just play the whole chorus with the right hand. It's slow enough. For the rolls, again, always start with your right hand, bass will line up for you.
Paranoid / Go With the Flow: Play it heel up. When You Were Young is slower if you want to practice this.
Orange Crush: Again always start with your right hand. The fills in the verse that use blue are structured in such a way that your left hand never leaves Red, and you are simply hitting yellow or blue with your right, sometimes with a bass. This song is not that fast; a steady tempo is more important than speed.
Vasoline: This song is one of those that simply clicks at some point. The chorus is a paradiddle rhythm between hands and feet so practicing this rudiment can help.
I Get By verse: This is a RLRL alternating sticking, with the right hand doing the yellow and every second red. Once you are comfortable with this rhythm, play the bass every time you RIGHT hand comes to RED. Ignore the second bass in the double-bass hits. Once you can pass the song comfortably start adding the second bass hit in; that's really all you have to do to go from 4* to Gold Stars.
Green Grass and High Tides solo 1E-1G: There are a few theories on how to do this one, assuming you don't have the arm stamina to just play it straight. Some people alternate-stick it, which is kind of tricky and convoluted. I do something a bit simpler which works well because I'm left handed. I start playing it normally. Once I start to tire out I switch arms so my left hand is playing all the blues. My right hand crosses over top (the way you would play all the time on a regular kit) and hits the reds. This might take a bit of practice if you aren't using to playing fast with your left hand, but I can do a -1 run this way pretty easily.
Ballroom Blitz: I play the last four notes of each snare series RLLR instead of RLRL. This allows me to keep the bass always synced up with the right arm. The ending is actually really easy, you are rolling slowly while hitting the bass with each right hand stroke. If your meter is dropping then it's because you are out of sync, so skip ONE note and resume, and you'll be fine.
Dead on Arrival: This is simple hand-foot alternation and the memorization of a few red/green/orange patterns. It's a good one to take into practice and do each section separately.
Train Kept a Rollin': Roll softly. You won't tire out so fast.
(Don't Fear) the Reaper: The drum solo is basically the end of Ballroom Blitz, sped up. Don't go too fast, roll steadily, with bass timed up with right hand. The non-red notes help to stay on time because they also will be lined up with the bass and you play them with the right hand, so if you are getting off just start over at the next non-red note. The outro is basically a question of coordinating your hands with your feet. I usually play it heel down to make sure my foot can keep up with my hands.
Foreplay: Play it LLR. Suck it up and get your left arm speed up :).
Outside: The chorus has one bass beat that should line up with your LEFT hand, immediately before the yellow. If you keep losing combo there that's probably why.
Next to You: Heel up.
Run to the Hills: Many people feel like they have to rush the bass a bit to keep it on time. Roll lightly. The issue with this song is usually stamina so practice the whole song at 90% or full speed if you usually fail, otherwise you won't have the arms to get through it. Once you can get in the low 80% on a full run at full speed you can pass it in a real run.

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