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Name: Btownsoccerstud aka. (Btown)
Avatar: Kitten-in-headphones.gif
Real Name: Kyle Blizzard
Age: 19
College: University of South Carolina
Favorite Band (at the moment) Hollywood Undead, Daft Punk
Joined: December 16th, 2007


Hello, I am Kyle Blizzard or better known as Btownsoccerstud aka Btown on ScoreHero. I originally was lvlotorl3oat on ScoreHero before Btown but I had something funky happen to my IP and I thought I was banned from ScoreHero for a while so I sort of used a program I won't mention to help me get around this situation and I made Btown. Come to find out later was that i wasn't banned whatsoever and my IP just had a hiccup or something so I decided to go with Btown instead of lvlotorl3oat. The name was from back when I was a freshman in High School and I had to come up with an AIM screen name and my girlfriend at the time came up with it. I realize today now that I am a little bit older just how immature the username makes me look and I think I will be switching to lvlotorl3oat once GH:WT score tracking is up. I have been playing Guitar Hero for about a year now. I started on Guitar Hero 2 where I really sucked for about 3 months, then I moved into college and found 2 roommates in my dorm who could play on Expert and one could 5* the majority of Guitar Hero 2. I started to play Expert while in College and about 1 month later I finally 5*'ed the majority of Guitar Hero 2. This was right when Guitar Hero 3 came out so I never got to finish 5 starring GH2 because I was too busy playing Guitar Hero 3. I got El Jefe I think sometime in May of this year then later on went back to GH2 and got the log and Guitar God. Just recently I finally finished my ultimate Guitar Hero Goal to date and I am finally a Guitar God across GH2-GHA. Technically I am a Guitar God in GH:WT but there really isn't any hard song to 5* in WT so whatever.


Feel Free to add me on Xbox Live if you wish. I currently have close to the maximum amount of friends on my list so if I it says Friends List full just send me a message saying how you know me from. I am more than happy to help anyone with Co-op achievements or If someone wants to challenge me we can PFO as well. I am always up for a little challenge.


Guitar Hero III (360)
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (360)


Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Xbox 360
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Xbox 360

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