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"Welcome to my Wiki Page! I hope you guys enjoy! It is under CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION so if there is anything weird that is why. Leave a comment if you can :D"- Dylan

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Hey guys, my name is Dylan, and this is where the magic happens also known as cdylan13 on ScoreHero. I'm just starting to work on this page so right now it's not looking great, but hopefully it'll be up to speed sometime soon. Some basic information about my "importance" on ScoreHero... I'm mostly known as a vocalist in Rock Band and even more so in Rock Band 2. I have compiled almost 50 Full Combos in Rock Band, and have nearly FC'ed the game of Rock Band 2, having 83 of 84. On ScoreHero I am also known as a Post-Whore. I have over 3,000 posts at this point, which is about the 12th most on the site. Yes you don't have to ask. I have a life. More in-depth info about who I am and what I do can be found later in the article. Thanks for visiting!

Table of Contents

 Personal Life 
 Video Games 
 Guitar Hero History 
 Recent Accomplishments 
 Rock Band DLC 
 Rock Band 3 Wishlist 
 Rock Band 2 Characters 
 Newspaper Article Gallery 
 Random Facts 
 Contact Information 
 Special Thanks 

My avatar :D

Personal Life

I am a 16 year old boy and I live in Richmond, Virginia. I'm currently a junior attending Douglas S. Freeman High School. I take mostly honors level courses, and after my sophomore year I had a 3.9 GPA. My grades aren't doing great this year, but I should be able to rebound ok. My current academic interest is in Journalism. I am currently taking a class working for the school paper, maybe I'll post the articles if I can find how to do it. I am a big sports fan. I used to play baseball myself but I stopped because it just got tedious and un-fun. My favorite teams include the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, and Boston Celtics. My favorite college team is the Georgia Bulldogs.

Video Games

Before Guitar Hero took over my gaming life, the game that I played most was Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VII is probably tied with Rock Band 2 as my favorite game. I beat it when I was in 2nd grade I think. Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, and all the others are great as well. The mini-game called "Blitzball" on Final Fantasy X is sooooo fun. I wish they could have released that in like a separate game. I'd buy it for $30 or so. Final Fantasy VII, a truly amazing game I was ecstatic when they announced Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 at the latest E3 because I can still play one of my favorite games without having to get a PS3. Don't get me wrong, PS3s are great, I just don't have the money. Other games I enjoy include Madden, NBA 2K Series, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Kingdom Hearts and some Baseball games. The first game I played was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for SNES. I remember just standing there slashing my sword randomly trying to get something to happen haha! My other favorite game for Super Nintendo was Tecmo Super Bowl. If I had my SNES hooked up still I would STILL play that game. It's so great. Then I eventually got a SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64, and my gaming interest just kept on growing.


Believe it or not, I barely liked ANY music whatsoever until 2006, when the song Dani California was released. This really got me into the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and my tastes snowballed from then, and now my musical taste is fairly solidified. I'm a giant Red Hot Chili Peppers fan like I said, and you may know that already due to my excitement over Blood Sugar Sex Magik coming out as Album DLC for Rock Band. Frankly if you know my name and didn't know my excitement for BSSM you need to read more of this wiki because you don't know me at all :P. I think user_GurnKiller GurnKiller put it best.

"inb4cdylancreamshispants :D"
The Who! Needs moar Relay.
I'm a member of their fan club and forum, and I also have over 9,000 posts there. You may have just laughed at that last sentence but it's serious haha. My other musical tastes are mostly made up of bands from the 70s and 90s. They include...

- The Who
- Led Zeppelin
- The Beatles
- Pearl Jam
- Soundgarden
- John Frusciante
- Jimi Hendrix
- Rush
- Rage Against the Machine

- And many more

Guitar Hero History

The first Guitar Hero game I received was the Guitar Hero 2 Bundle for PS2 around the time GH2 came out for Xbox 360, because I remember the commercial with song_GH2_Woman Womanin it. Of course like every other person, I sucked, hard. However I was able to beat Easy a couple weeks after I got it. Then Medium hit, and all hell broke lose. I couldn't beat a song using my pinky. However just like Easy, I was able to progress and a little later I beat that. Then I got to Hard, and I seriously thought, "Wow I'm getting good at this now." I think Song_GH2_CarryMeHome Carry Me Home was my first big roadblock. This was before I knew about Ho/Pos hammer-ons, so I was flailing and failing to put it lightly. I did beat it though like everything else.
Then Expert came. I progressed ok until the wicked Song_GH80s_freya Freya. This would take the longest time out of any song on the game for me to beat. My hand would be destroyed getting to that middle section. I also seldom got starpower before then so I was fucked everytime. I eventually beat it while on vacation in Alabama. The next song that killed me was Carry Me Home, this time on Expert, and it took almost as long as Freya to beat. Song_GH2_Misirlou Misirlou was the last insane one for me, and I eventually beat all of it. Jordan is another story. I couldn't beat that for a loooooooooooooong time, but it was on the bonus setlist so it didn't matter as much. By the time I beat most of GH2, Guitar Hero 3 was on the horizon, coming out in a few months time. So I ended up getting Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s and Guitar Hero (1) before the release of GH3. It was pretty amazing how fast I beat them... song_GH80s_ElectricEye Electric Eye and song_PlayWithMe Play With Me took some time to beat, but that's pretty much it (oh ya, and song_GH80s_WhatILikeAboutYou What I Like About You, but come on really?). I can't even remember failing a song on GH1, although I probably failed Bark at the Moon and the Pantera song a little. So I then got GH3 at midnight the day it came out for PS2, and I was astonished at how great it was. I got through the game and it was great (This was also the time when I joined ScoreHero I believe, after seeing it in PriestMLH's videos). In my mind at first it was a giant step above Guitar Hero 2. This mindset continued until Christmas time of 2007, when I got Rock Band and an Xbox 360. Rock Band changed my view of Guitar Hero 3 forever. Seeing how polished Harmonixmade Rock Band, made Guitar Hero 3 look like shit, no joke. I was then actually hitting solos and stuff, things I couldn't do on GH3 because of how fucked up that stupid engine was. So then I picked up Vocals. I found myself doing very well on Medium. So I moved up straight to expert. Picked up some 5 stars, some FCs, and the rest is history.

Recent Accomplishments

November 23, 2008- Pinball Wizard Expert Voxtar FC

November 22, 2008- One Way or Another Expert Vocals FC! Rock Band 2 Vocals FCed!

November 15, 2008- Panic Attack- Expert Guitar Gold Stars

Pen and the Islands

Main Article

Pen and the Islands is a band made up of....

Vocals- user_cdylan13 cdylan13
Guitar/Bass- user_garagemetal468 GarageMetal468
Guitar/Bass- user_duck Duck
Drums- user_GurnKiller GurnKiller

All FBFC videos can be found at my YouTube page.

Current FBFCs include...

Give it All (with user_ThePhoenix3 ThePhoenix3 on drums)
Master Exploder (can be viewed to the right)
Eye of the Tiger
Livin' on a Prayer

ScoreHero Leagues

As of now I am a part of Season 11 leagues on ScoreHero. I am a part of the One Man Band (Open Difficulty) league and the Rock Band 2 Expert Guitar League. I'm only participating in Rock Band, not Guitar Hero. I will update you on the standings as they come out, but I will NOT reveal my scores for the current week until the week is over.

One Man Band (Open Difficulty)

Week 1

Song_RB2_UncontrollableUrge Uncontrollable Urge

Rock Band 2 Expert Guitar

Week 1

Song_RB2_RebelGirl Rebel Girl
Song_RB2_BadReputation Bad Reputation
Song_RB2_WheredYouGo Where'd You Go
Song_RB2_Battery Battery

Rock Band DLC

This is an extensive list of the DLC I own on the Rock Band platform. (Reverse Chronological order)

Headphones On - Red Devil - Holiday in Cambodia - Love Spreads - Stay Away - Monkey Wrench - All Right Now - On a Plain - Dr. Feelgood - Police Truck - 20 Free DLC - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Album) - Moving Pictures (Album - Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) - Constant Motion - Sleepwalker - Best of the Who: Rock Band Edition - Snow ((Hey Oh)) - Tell Me Baby - Closer to the Heart - Working Man (Vault Edition) - Promised Land - Debaser - Hammerhead - Afterlife - Inside the Fire - Jimmy Buffet 01 - The Cars (Album) - Hysteria - New Wave - Train in Vain (Stand by Me) - Kool Thing - Date with the Night - Zero - Screaming for Vengeance - The Hellion/Electric Eye - Riding on the Wind - Screaming for Vengeance - You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Saints of Los Angeles - Simple Man - Message in a Bottle - Still Alive - Boston 01 - Thrasher - Crushcrushcrush - Shockwave - Greatful Dead 01 - The Perfect Drug - Sex Type Thing - El Scorcho - Complete Control - Truth Hits Everybody - Roam - Calling Dr. Love - Siva - Working Man - Last Train to Clarksville - Interstate Love Song - The Number of the Beast - Gimme Three Steps - Hard to Handle - Limelight - My Iron Lung - Buddy Holly - I Fought the Law - Black Sabbath 01 - The Police 01 - Queens of the Stone Age 01 - Metallica 01 - Fortunate Son

For a less retarded looking "list", please visit my profile at For any questions about DLC in terms of quality, you can visit and look at thousands of reviews of every song in the game!

Rock Band 3 Wishlist

This is a setlist I put together of a lot of great songs (and some not) to make my own Rock Band 3 Tracklist/Wishlist! I added stuff like Dream Theater, Primus, and Paramore to round the game out, even though I'm not a huge fan of bands like that and others. So enjoy!

Song Artist Genre Decade Tier
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) The Jimi Hendrix Experience Classic Rock '60s 5
Helter Skelter The Beatles Classic Rock '60s 3
Jumpin' Jack Flash The Rolling Stones Classic Rock '60s 2
Crossroads Cream Classic Rock '60s 4
Break on Through (to the Other Side) The Doors Classic Rock '60s 1
Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan Classic Rock '60s 0
Mr. Tambourine Man The Byrds Classic Rock '60s 1
The Real Me The Who Classic Rock '70s 5
Saturday Night Special Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Rock '70s 3
Death or Glory The Clash Punk '70s 1
Space Truckin' Deep Purple Classic Rock '70s 5
Funk #49 The James Gang Classic Rock '70s 3
Good Times, Bad Times Led Zeppelin Classic Rock '70s 4
Time Pink Floyd Progressive '70s 4
Supernaut Black Sabbath Metal '70s 4
The Chain Fleetwood Mac Classic Rock '70s 1
Crazy on You Heart Classic Rock '70s 3
Maggie May Rod Stewart Classic Rock '70s 1
25 or 6 to 4 Chicago Classic Rock '70s 2
Locomotive Breath Jethro Tull Progressive '70s 3
Feels Like the First Time Foreigner Classic Rock '70s 0
Get Up, Stand Up The Wailers Reggae '70s 0
TV Party Black Flag Punk '70s 2
Free Ride Edgar Winter Group Classic Rock '70s 2
Fly Like an Eagle Steve Miller Band Classic Rock '70s 1
Cult of Personality Living Colour Rock '80s 5
Girls, Girls, Girls Motley Crue Metal '80s 1
Freewill Rush Progressive '80s 6
Touch of Grey The Grateful Dead Classic Rock '80s 2
Owner of a Lonely Heart Yes Progressive '80s 2
Purple Rain Prince Rock '80s 4
I Will Dare The Replacements Rock '80s 1
18 and Life Skid Row Metal '80s 0
Wrathchild Iron Maiden Metal '80s 6
We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister Metal '80s 0
Just Like Heaven The Cure Alternative '80s 1
Paradise City Guns N' Roses Rock '80s 6
Fade to Black Metallica Metal '80s 5
Take the Power Back Rage Against the Machine Alternative '90s 5
Around the World Red Hot Chili Peppers Alternative '90s 4
Jeremy Pearl Jam Grunge '90s 2
Been Caught Stealing Jane's Addiction Alternative '90s 3
Paranoid Android Radiohead Alternative '90s 2
Superunknown Soundgarden Grunge '90s 5
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Megadeth Metal '90s 6
Geek U.S.A. Smashing Pumpkins Alternative '90s 5
Come As You Are Nirvana Grunge '90s 1
Peaches Presidents of the United States of America Pop/Rock '90s 2
Begging You The Stone Roses Alternative '90s 3
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots Grunge '90s 4
Velouria The Pixies Alternative '90s 1
Would? Alice in Chains Grunge '90s 1
What I Got Sublime Alternative/Ska '90s 1
Tommy the Cat Primus Alternative '90s 6
Latest Disgrace Fugazi Punk '90s 0
Institutionalized Suicidal Tendencies Punk '90s 6
No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age Alternative '00s 4
The Pretender The Foo Fighters Rock '00s 3
Map of the Problematique Muse Rock '00s 4
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes Alternative '00s 0
The Glass Prison Dream Theater Progressive '00s 6
Emergency Paramore Pop/Rock '00s 1
Rock 'N Roll Train AC/DC Rock '00s 2
Mixed Bizness Beck Alternative '00s 0
Tribute Tenacious D Rock '00s 2
Visions Judas Priest Metal '00s 5
Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife Mastodon Metal '00s 6
??? Bang Camaro Rock '00s ???
??? Freezepop Pop/Rock '00s ???
??? That Handsome Devil Rock '00s ???
??? Anarchy Club Metal '00s ???
And She Has Big Boobs Toymachine Other '00s 0

Rock Band 2 Characters

These are the members of my Band World Tour Group called "DUDE WTF!?". Dylan rocks the vox (Vox is a word... I think), Kelly plays the drums (She Bangs the Drums), Rikki slaps the bass, and Scott rips on the guitar. DUDE WTF!? is simply made up of the characters I use to play single player. Dylan is just a normal character, though he used to have a 70s theme, and its still noticeable through the Smith Tyler's. Kelly has a Southern girl kinda thing. I wanted to make a southern character just to round it out a bit. She's hawt too lol. Rikki doesn't really have a theme either, just a cool looking character haha. kinda screws up what she looks like though. Scott is supposed to be sort of Grungy, though he doesn't look directly look it. He's still pretty much under construction. These are almost always my characters, although sometimes I pull out mah boi Barack Obama to play drums too.

Kelly the DrummerNaomi the BassistAdam the GuitaristDylan G. the Vocalist


My videos can be found at my YouTube page (

I have many videos (about 150) from Rock Band and Guitar Hero so please check it out if you find the time! As always, Rate, Comment and Subscribe! I use an Adaptec GameBridge to record all of my videos. Please request a song if you want to see it done.

Here are some of my favorite videos from my channel.

Guitar Hero: World Tour- Love Spreads- Expert Guitar FC can be seen in the box to the right
Rock Band 2- Under the Bridge- Expert Vocals FC
Rock Band 2- Everlong- Expert Drums 5 Stars
Rock Band 2- American Woman- Expert Vocals FC
Rock Band 2- Tangled Up in Blue- Expert Vocals FC
Rock Band- Green Grass and High Tides- Expert Guitar Gold Stars
Rock Band 2- They're Red Hot- Expert Vocals FC
Rock Band 2- Alive- Expert Vocals FC
Rock Band 2- Souls of Black- Expert Guitar Gold Stars

Newspaper Article Gallery


This will be a section where I will post my articles from my school newspaper that I've written!

Random Facts

Contact Information

If you wish to talk to me or whatever, there are a few ways you can contact me.

Aim Username- cdylan13SH
XBL Gamertag- cdylanSH
Click Here to add me on facebook (be sure to tell me who you are!!!). Click Here to send me an e-mail (be sure to tell me who you are!!!).

Special Thanks

I just wanted to thank a few people for helping me create this page or help me out in any way (even if they don't know they did haha).

- User_ManfredvonKarma ManfredvonKarma, without your page and your directions you made my page would look like a piece of #@$&.
- User_duck Duck, for helping me out with some basic HTML stuff.For those who comment :)
- The members of Average White Guy, for your page showing me how to embed YouTube videos.
- User_JCirri JCirri, for making this great Wiki.
- Me, do I need an explanation?
- User_GurnKiller GurnKiller becuz he rawks sawks!
- User_footballtom3685 footballtom3685 for giving me some good constructive criticism!


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