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Hello all, My name is Adam, but my Scorehero username is Cobainage1994. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college as of now. I attend the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a major in accounting. Eau Claire is about 4 hours away from my hometown of Milwaukee (it's a bubbler, not a drinking fountain) and it is the coldest campus in the continental U.S., winter should be interesting. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year now (Oct 15th 2008) and things are going great!! During my time away from Guitar Hero or scorehero I enjoy a good workout, or hanging out with friends around town. I play the drums, started playing in 5th grade, I am best at parade and marching type instruments such as the snare drum or quad toms, but I also am decent at the drum set. I try to play the guitar, but I am still only capable of simple things such as sunshine of your love or smoke on the water. I can do the tapping part of eruption though which is cool. I love music, especially classic rock. Zeppelin, Rush, Van Halen, Gun 'N' Roses, the Beatles. I was introduced at a young age by my older brother who would always play Welcome to The Jungle when I would drive with him. Music is my life, I play it, listen to it, research it, music is an amazing thing.

Guitar Hero!
I bought Guitar Hero mid January of 2006. I failed I Love Rock 'n' Roll on easy. The procedure of hitting the fret button AND strumming at the same time baffled my mind. After about a month I got to No One Knows on hard, where I remained for a good 3-4 weeks, after barely scraping by that second G GR pattern, I finally beat it and was well on my way to expert. Then after another 3-4 week hiatus on Bark at the Moon and 100+ 99% fails, I finally got beat guitar hero on expert. About a month ago I finally went back and got my remaining 5 stars on Texas Flood-Bark At the Moon. Gh2 Expert went down in about 2 months, with the only real struggle being six. I never had a problem with Jordan, I beat it in about 1 week and my first pass was a 5 star. Guitar Hero 3 went down in less than 24 hours, except TTFAF, which I beat on August 24th 2008 and currently hold a 4.8 star, I will get it someday.

Rock Band

I play Drums mostly, guitar is a little to easy in my opinion. I 5 starred all drum songs except Run to the Hills and Outside, and they will always remain a 3 star because I can never see myself playing them again. My Drums are in the shop right now so Rock Band 2 is on Hold. I don't sing, I fail on easy.


I am one of the "Dinosaurs of Scorehero" or so says BJW's most recent Website Discussion Post. I have been around since June 14th of 2006. I was the 1902 member of Scorehero, so I have pretty much been there for everything. ES the God, Krim vs. ES, Riz, IEG, JHet, Hylian being the only Freebird by a good 400 posts, when you could count the number of mascots on one hand, stuff like that. Although I do love the community as is right now, I do miss my guitar hero scores, which are now barely in the top 1200, being in the top 50. Right now, I still post on Scorehero on a daily basis and frequent IRC in my spare time.

That is all I have for now,

Peace, Cobainage1994

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