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My evidence of Rock 'N Rollness: Right Here Baby (I never update this)

Status: Working on Leagues (Season 10)...although my PS3 is freezing up alot, sucks may have to forfeit leagues... (I have a job now) :(

Goals/Status (Wayyy Old):
Make it to Season 10 Playoffs 41 FCs (34) Top 10 (16th) Can't find my disc
19th 1st Place (2nd) 5* TDWDTG (425K)

About Me: My real name is Cody. I recently graduated from UW-Oshkosh as a Computer Science Major w/ Information Systems Emphasis. I already started my career at Miles Kimball (your grandmothers may know what this place is) as an Applications Analyst writing SQL reports and coding in Microsoft Dynamics AX. In my free time I rock out on the ol' plastic guitar or party/drink with my friends on the weekends or work on PathHero. I am about to purchase a home in the area of my job so the commute won't be a problem. One thing not many people know about me is that I was expelled from my high school for hacking their system, oh yeah, I still have them by the balls. I also hacked every wireless network that surrounds me, I have to, I'm poor but smart.

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