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I started playing Guitar Hero in May 2007. After playing the game at a friends graduation party I went out and bought GH2 for the XBOX 360. I played on easy for 2-3 weeks and then I proceeded to play medium for about a month. I had already began getting 100% on songs on medium before I grew a pair and started playing on hard. I started the hard career made it to Woman an declared that I would never beat GH2 on hard. I would finally beat the hard career and begin expert where I would make it to Woman and once again declare that I would never beat GH2 on Expert. I would eventually say the same things about psychobilly freakout and Hangar 18 on my way to beating the Expert career which I finished sometime in Late August. My first big accomplishment came in October 2007 when I beat Jordan. Later that month I would purchase GH3 on release day and play it for about 8 hours in a row. The next weekend me and a friend defeated the coop career in 1 day. I would proceed to play GH3 to death purchasing all of the DLC that came out along the way. I also purchased GHA on release day but I haven's really touched that one much.

Favorite Characters and guitars:
Johnny Napalm is my favorite character by far for no real reason. I have played almost exclusively with him my entire GH career.

My favorite guitar in GH2 was the Krammer 650 because it looks like Tom DeLonge's guitar and I am a fan of Blink.

In GH3 I don't really have a favorite guitar and pretty much use random ones.

COOP Teams
Sexy Shredders- This was my first and favorite coop team which I created with a friend of mine from high school. We played pretty much everyday of September 2007 but then he moved away to college and doesn't even play GH anymore.

Blue Lights- This was going to be a team with a different buddy from high school but it never got off the ground.

X-plorers- I met this guy on Xbox live and got him to create a score hero account so that we could enter scores. Shortly after that he got banned for suspicious scores and he didn't appeal so I guess he didn't care. Also, he hasn't been on live in over 150 days.

Atown- I met this guy on score hero while he was streaming. We played for a couple of weeks but now I haven't realy heard from him in over a month.

I have 63 GH3 Hard FC's

I got the log on GH2

I have 54 GH3 hard DLC FC's and counting

I am first overall on GH3 hard DLC for 360

I am making a guide for GH3 hard that can be found here

I have helped prove 2 cutoffs .

Fun Facts

1. I have owned 6 different plastars.
2. I got the log on stream.
3. I didn't know what HOPO's were until I had nearly finished hard and done the first tiers of expert.
4. My mom is the leader of the GH club at the school she teaches at.
5. My coop team the bluelights was named for the fact that most Jewish people hang blue Christmas lights
6. My favorite player is Lo7

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