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Hey, this is DAft. I will add goals and more stuffs here laters. But for now this is it.

[] FC RB1, RB2 (including my DLC {88 tracks}), RBTP: Vol 1, & RBTP: Vol 2 on easy drums (LOLZZZERS)
[] FC RB1 & RB2 (including my DLC)on expert vox (haven't started RB1 yet, 20/84 so far on RB2, 5/88 on my DLC)(lulz)
[] Buy the AC/DC Track Pack (....ugh)
[] Have JCirri put RB Classic Rock Track Pack on RB1 Wii score tracking (i put up a bug report thread *shrug*)
[] Have 100 DLC (this would be really cool)
[] Get $32 to buy 16 DLC songs to have 100 DLC (lol)

Ugh...more stuff and updates on the way.

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