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Name(PSN Name) Sniper779
Location Texas(HELL YA!!!)
Age 14
Biggest Accomplishment in GH/RB Getting 1st on the PSN on This Calling
Favorite GH/RB song Panic Attack, even though it isnt out for PS3 yet
Favorite Band Dream Theater/Metallica
Favorite song to play China Cat Sunflower/Love Spreads/Life is Beautiful/Hammerhead
Career Score on RB1 Something around 8.75mil

Info about my GH/RB career: It all started pretty awesomely. I was at my bigbrothers friend's house, and he had GH1(before GH2 came out). I played it, and it was TEH SHIT!!! But, i was bad, even on easy! So, i told my mom that we had to get GH2 with the guitar for Hanukkah(yes, im Jewish. JEWS FTW!!!). And, i got it, and it was the funnest hing i had ever played on my good ol' PS2. I ended up getting GH1 also. The, after abou 2-3 months of constant playing, i FINALLY beat Free Bird on expert! and, a month after that, i beat Bark at the Moon on Expert! Then, i got 80's, which sucked, but i didnt do very good on it either. I ended up getting GH3 for the Wii(just should've killed myself then), and RB for the PS2. I could never beat GGaHT, but i beat GH3 expert career in a few tries! Then, when we upgraded to a PS3, everything changed. I had to sell GH1, GH2, GH:80's, AND RB, because i wouldnt be able to play them. So, then, i also sold my guitars, including my trusty Red SG, with its broken whammy bar from attempting Jordan too much in a certain time period(lol). Then, a month after i FINALLY beat TTFAF(beat it on 8/18/08!!!), i sold it, with the guitar, for my RB2 budget. And as of now, RB2 is on reserve at GameStop!!!

Rock Band 1 Accomplishments:
RB Guitar 3*(Excluding DLC) 58
RB Guitar 4* 58
RB Guitar 5* 58
RB Guitar GS 57(fuck you, RttH!!!)
Total Songs 93(so, that means 35 DLC songs)
Hardest DLC songs owned Constant Motion, Aesthentics of Hate, Sleepwalker, Screaming for Vengeance, Blackened, Ride the Lightnig, ...And Justice for All, Charlene(lol), I Ain't Superstitious, Good Morning/Black Friday, etc...
Best DLC accomplishments As seen at top, 1st on This Calling, 5* Constant Motion(67% solo! RECORD!!!), 5* Afterlife, 5* Metallica pack, 5* on Aesthentics of Hate, 5* Clouds over California, GS Toxicity, Hammerhead, Hellion/Electric Eye, etc...

Rock Band 2 Accomplishments:
Best FC Inside the Fire
Best GS ...And Justice for All
Best 5* Painkiller
4* Visions
Trophies About 25%
DLC Count Cant remember, but around 75-100
Goals 5* Battery (X) 5* Visions () Unlock all 84 songs (X) Get 100% Drum Trophy ()

Guitar Hero: World Tour Accomplishments
FC's 1(American Woman, but only this because i had bad calibration)
Good 5* All Tool songs, Crazy Train, Mr. Crowley
Hard but well earned 4* Scream, Aim, Fire, BYOB, Trapped Under Ice, Hot for Teacher, Son of Odin(GHTunes)
Yet to unlock that i actually want Pull me Under
Goals Beat Satch Boogie (gonna take a while) 5* BYOB () 5* Scream, Aim, Fire () 5* Trapped Under Ice () 5* Hot for Teacher () Unlock all songs () Make a good custom song that is beatable (messed up on my 1st one, so its unbeatable. If you want to download it for kicks, its called cracker nugget(lol), and it **does** have a cool drum solo at the beginning, and a cool bass solo at the end)

So, any PS3 users out there who wanna play some RB with me, I play Expert Guitar quite well, as seen in the chart above, my PSN username is Sniper779, so just post a comment at bottom of page if you want to play, or you want to be friends over the PSN. If you want to play, i usually play on the weekends(cant play during week because of "schoolwork" =( ) at about 10 am central time. HAVE FUN ROCKIN'!!!

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