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Life Story

Joined Scorehero: 03 Feb 2007
Profile ID #10637
XBL Gamertag: I Duckzorz I
My real name is Chris Bradbury, but around here and many other places, I'm known as duck (or ducky.) I was born on March 1st, 1990, making me18 years old. I am 6"2, have longish brown hair and blue eyes. When my parents were still married, I lived in a town in Pennsylvania called Hatfield. It's about 30-45 minutes north of Philadelphia. (Go Phillies! 2008 World Series Champions!, Eagles! well...Go Eagles!) Now, I live in about 10 minutes away from Hatfield in a town called Lansdale. I live with my mom and my dog Trevor (he's a golden retriever.) My dad lives 45 minutes away from me in a town called Macungie. My only sibling, my brother, lives in Pennsauken, New Jersey and is married with no kids just yet. I currently attend a community college about 15 minutes away from me (on a good day...without traffic) and don't have a specific major yet. I will probably choose something in computers...maybe even become a computer teacher. I graduated high school in 2008 from a school some of you might actually know, North Penn High School. We win at least one championship in any activity we do every year. We have countless trophies in the trophy room and they even just made an addition to that room because they ran out of space on the walls :D (okay, /me quits bragging now.) I was part of a graduating class of 1209 students. Ridiculous, i know. Life before Rock Band and Guitar Hero was pretty amazing. I didn't have to worry about anything and the only games i had were NBA Courtside '97, Battle Tanks, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Zelda: OOT is BY FAR my most favorite game of all time. One time recently i played it again for 11 hours straight one day and streamed the entire thing. I saved multiple times but when i went downstairs to get food and came back up nothing had been saved and i had lost ALL progress i had made. I was pretty pissed off as I'm sure you can imagine. But anyway, back on topic. While my brother was in college he would bring me home his roommates copy of Zelda for me to play, but every time he brought it up I would have to start the game all over again and I could never get past the first water temple boss to get the blue gem thing so my brother would always have to beat it for me. Before he went to college I would try to play Sega Genesis with him but I would always end up crying because I had no idea how to play and he would just whoop my butt in baseball and wrestling. (now of course it's the other way around and I think I've beaten him in every game we have played together for like 6 years straight. :D) But on to other things besides video games. I have at least 15 scars and I don't even know where i got most of them. My first scar ever was because this kid pissed me off because he was slamming his bicycle into my garage door so (me being on the other side) punched my fist against the glass in anger and had it shatter all over me. It wasn't a very big cut..but it was a cut nonetheless. I have sprained my right ankle (football) and my left foot (soccer.) I played soccer for a few years on a team and even managed to make it to the county "Select Team" which is just the top 13 players in the county competing against the top players in the other counties. I got on that team by leading the league in goals, but they stuck me on defense against the other counties. It really made no sense to me. After my parents split up my dad decided to be nice one day and found an Xbox at a yard sale so he bought it for me. My first game i had was Halo of course. My friend Ryan and I were easily the best in our school at that game and we beat Legendary mode about fourteen hundred times. Ryan bought a Gamecube and would bring it over my house a lot and we would play Super Smash Brothers Melee and we were easily the best at that game too. I would always be Link and he would always be Marth and we would always end up in the finals against each other. It was never one sided, he beat me a bunch of times and I beat him a bunch of times. One day (somehow..i don't remember how i got it) I had Warcraft II Edition. I played that game so much I think my computer had three heart attacks. I honestly just didn't go outside for an entire summer because I only wanted to play that game. Then I got Halo 2 on launch day and didn't put the controller down for yet another entire summer, and the summer after that. I was so addicted to pwning nubs that i got up to level 42...LEGIT...which, at the time, was pretty impressive. Halo 3 wasn't as good to me, and I never really got into it. (I did however get up to a level 47 in that game.)

History of the Name 'Duck'

Duck (left) & Gurnkiller (right)
I've had Xbox Live since the 7th grade. (I'm a freshman in college now.) For some...UNGODLY reason i was obsessed with the my rubber ducky song from Sesame Street lol. So i tried to make my AIM screen name myrubberducky..of course it was taken. So I tried myrubberducky1, myrubberducky2, etc. and finally i got myrubberducky6 to work. So then i made that my Xbox Live Gamertag. I met a bunch of guys on Halo 2 online and they started calling me Ducky and the name just stuck. in 11th grade i changed my gamertag finally to I Duckzorz I because i felt myrubberducky6 was too childish for me and i was way too cool for that :p

Fun Facts

Rock Band

Favorite Song To Play: Won't Get Fooled Again, Cherub Rock, Pleasure (Pleasure) | Total FC's: 56/58
I have to admit, I was very hesitant to buying this game at first. I though, "wow this is just a cheap knock off of Guitar Hero and I'm never going to buy it." Sure enough, my good friend Gary bought it and i played it at his house. (Ironic much?) But of course i played it and i was instantly hooked. I tried the drums first actually. I first played When You Were Young because it is one of my all time favorite songs. (I eventually FC'd TKAR on RB2.) I played on hard because i thought, "How hard could this possibly be?" Long story short, i failed at like 10% lol. So i continued to go to Gary's house every day for a week or two to play Rock Band. Later on for Christmas I got Rock Band and i was never able to put the game down until Rock Band 2 came out.
Rock Band 2 (Guitar, 360)
Total Score15,500,779
My final stats for that game were 10,324,670 points, 58/58 songs Gold Starred, and 55/58 FC's.The only songs i didn't have FC's were Run To The Hills, Train Kept A Rollin', and Green Grass and High Tides. I struggled with getting 10 million points for the longest time. I constantly was threatening to my friends that i was going to quit because i knew i couldn't do better. Luckily my good friend at the time, Nickisimo, pushed me along and was there in my stream when i FC'd Highway Star and went over the 10,000,000 mark. Eventually i made it to 10.1, 10.2, and then 10.3 million and was constantly fighting for 20th and 19th place on Scorehero and Xbox Live leaderboards. (It was probably the biggest pain in the ass ever.)

Rock Band 2

Favorite Song To Play: Chop Suey, Supreme Girl, Lump, Colony of Birchman | Total FC's: 78/84
This game to me is just pure amazingness. I love it so very very much (although I've only touched it once since GHWT came out.) So far, as of 10/29/08 I have 58/84 FC's, and I'm sure I will have to go back and change that number in the near future (or at least i hope i will.) I just recently reached 15 million points, which was a pretty big milestone for me. There's not really much else to say about this game yet since it is still relatively new. I'll probably add more about it later.

Recent Accomplishments

Train Kept A Rollin' 100% FC
Panic Attack 100% FC
Dead On Arrival 100% FC First Place
Flirtin' With Disaster RE-FC for RB2
Green Grass and High Tides 659k
Highway Star Re-Re-FC (Vid)
Colony of Birchmen FC
Souls of Black FC

Add More Later.

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