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General Info

As a 17 year old senior at his high school, Dan Ketcham (eddaket) typically has nothing better to do in his spare time than play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. In his spare time, Dan is usually on his computer talking to his friends, playing football for the high school team (GO BRONCOS!) or he just hangs out with his friends or girlfriend. In school, Dan is at the top of his class (5th out of 195 students) and is a general math whiz. And before I forget, Mountain Dew is the best soda ever.

Guitar Hero History

Dan's road to excellence was not a short one at all. Introduced to the game at a friend's party back in April of 2007, he naturally played on the easy difficulty to not embarrass himself. Being hooked on the game, but having no job or money, he downloaded the computer freeware version called "Frets on Fire" working his way up through medium, he felt that he had a good grip on the game, and when he had enough money in July of 2007, he bought the Guitar Hero 2 bundle for PS2.

Medium Career was no match for Dan as he passed every song with 5 stars on sightread. He quickly moved up to hard where his hand got all sorts of confused by this revolutionary orange button. Around then he was searching on GameFAQs message boards and saw a link to Not knowing what to expect, Dan entered a new community which would be his home for the months to come. He didn't used the forums so much, but he did utilize the score tracking utility, posting all of his scores trying to get a good rank. Pretty soon he beat hard and then moved on to expert. Hitting a few roadblacks along the way, Dan finally beat Expert Career right before school started at the end of August. He saw that some people were getting these things called "Full Combos" (FCs) and he became interested. Knowing he couldn't do anything like that on Expert, he moved back down to hard try to FC as many songs as he could.

By the time October rolled around, Dan had a total of 5 FCs in GH2 Hard. Getting a little anxious for the release of Guitar Hero 3 later that month, he bought the expansion, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's. He sightread the game on hard and after almost no time at all, had 7 FCs in that game as well. When the release date came around on October 28, Dan was at his local Target store to buy Guitar Hero 3.

Dan flew right through his hard career, only failing on the evil Raining Blood. Around this time, he was amazed at how many FCs some people had gotten in a day or two of owning the game. He knew he wanted to be up in the ranks with them. Dan kept on racking up the FCs in all three games that he owned and in January, after racking up a total of 44 FCs across all games, his sister came home with Guitar Hero 1 as a gift for him. Now that he had all games, he could finally strive for the ultimate goal of 200 FCs all games.

In May of 2008, Dan had finally FCed his first full game on hard. His 180th FC, Round and Round, was also FC 30/30 for GHE80s. Being this close to the 200 mark, he strove for the goal for the coming weeks. Some of his 'idols' like Wupun, psxfreak101, and JR626 has just become members of the 200 FC club and he knew he had to make it before Guitar Hero Aerosmith came out. In June, Dan had accomplished with 198 FCs with just over two weeks left until GHA came out. He had presumed that Knights of Cydonia and Cherub Rock were going to be FCs 199 and 200, until his Guitar Hero 3 disc became unusable. Almost giving up, he took the advice of fellow hard player dramacomic and tried to FC The Breaking Wheel on GH1. After a few days of grinding, The Breaking Wheel fell just like all the others. Knowing that he had left Cherub Rock untouched for this long so it could be his epic 200th FC, Dan cleaned of his GH3 disc like a mad man and it finally worked. On June 26th, 2008, two days before GHA was released, Dan finally FCed Cherub Rock for FC 200 and became the 9th person to enter the club.

Four days after buying Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Dan had become the 3rd person to FC all of hard mode. He quickly grew bored of that game however and continued with his FC list. Before leaving for two weeks in late July, Dan finally squeezed out another FC, Bark at the Moon. When he returned, he quickly got back into his guitar hero rhythm, pulling off another 4 FCs before school started in August; Cowboys from Hell, Fly on the Wall, Misirlou, and Knights of Cydonia. After those FCs had been polished away however, he his a bit of a brick wall...

When Guitar Hero: World Tour came out, Dan quickly ran out and bought it, and proceeded to work on his hard FCs. FCing nearly 3/4 of the game on sightreads, he knew that this would be a piece of cake to FC. Much to his dismay, it wasn't so as Hot For Teacher proved to be just as nasty as it is on expert. Once he finally mastered the strumming needed, Dan became the second person to FC all of GHWT Hard. Soon he became bored of this game (although he still loves to play it [if his disk would work >_>]) and went back to the original 4 games. Working on Texas Flood along with fellow hard player Kubuh, he came close to an FC. Getting both an 820 NS and an 823 NS (825 notes in the song), he became frustrated, but overcame the frustration and pulled an FC out, over two months since his last non-new-game FC. After the celebration, he got right back to work...

And two hours later, he pulled a Raining Blood FC out of no where. With help from his pal Lemonmeringue, he became consistent at the Flood! section and proceeded to FC it. Hoping that this was his lucky day, Dan started to work on a One FC. If he got One, he would only have 3 songs left is all of hard mode to FC. Unfortunately, he did not pull the FC out of thin air like he did the other two. Instead it took him 3 days to get the FC.

Since reaching 335 out of 338 FCs (second to Piso's 336), Dan has put countless hours into TTFAF, trying to become more and more consistent on it. The future is blurry for Mr. Ketcham as the last three FCs are proving to be just as much a pain in the ass as some of the other ones he has gotten.


338 FCs all systems (335/338)
FC GH1 (46/47)
FC GH2 (63/64)
FC GHE80s (30/30)
FC GH3 (69/70)
FC GHA (41/41)
FC GHWT (86/86)

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