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Hello all, I am Edge/Final Destiny and I am a RB2 expert guitarist. I have been playing the plastic guitar since October 2007, starting with 2 on Medium, never really liked 3 but I had my fair share of playing that a lot. I first got RB1 in February but never really got into it until April 2008. I played mainly for fun until during the Summer where I wanted to actually be a bit productive with my RB time, so I tried to get better. When RB2 came out, I promised myself I would FC Almost Easy and that was my ultimate goal. Before RB2 was released, my best FC was Vasoline, now it's been 3 months since the release of RB2 and here I am with not only an Almost Easy FC, but many other tough ones that I am proud of. I'm quite happy with the improvement I got in such a short time but i'm still getting better.

As for personal stuff, I love music, of course I do, right? We all do, we're plastic instrument players of course XD. Here are some of my favorite bands:
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Symphony X
-Dream Theater
-Breaking Benjamin

I have been also listening to a lot of Tool, A Perfect Circle and In This Moment recently, but i'm still new with those bands.
I'm not much of a movie guy, but I used to be quite the dork for The Matrix. I also like films such as Ong-Bak, The Protector, Memoirs of a Geisha, Braveheart and some others. Oh, and Looney Tunes FTW, best cartoons ever =DDD
I'm not really a gamer in general, RB2 is really all I play, but games I enjoyed in the past include Goldeneye, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Pokemon, random WWF/E wrestling games, the Silent Hill series and Halo 2.

I don't really have much to say so i'll leave a link to my accomplishment thread as a shameless plug lol:

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