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registered on: jun 22, 2007
welcome to my personal wiki page on scorehero.
this page will serve as a constant summary of accomplishments, goals, plans and everything related to my digital rockstar career.
i'm mainly a rock band player, you'll probably notice it during your read, this fact strongly influences the content of this page.
this page still in its early stage, so don't expect wonders of any kind, since i'm a total n00b when it comes at this kind of stuff.v4x7ow.jpg

table of contents:

gamer info
dlc info

gamer info
name: luca.
dob: 12/12/1984
place: italy, near milan
consoles owned: ps2, psp, xbox, xbox360, nds.
xbl gamertag: sic nass.
games owned: GH1, GH2PS2, GH2360, GH3360, GH80s, RB.
skill level:
instrument guitar bass drums vocals
difficulty guitar-expert-54.png

dlc info
i'm NOT a regular dlc buyer. while i admire HMX's constant efforts to provide gamers with fresh tracks every week, i happen to like a very small percentage of the downloadable content for RB. plus i'm fucking broke, lulz. so i can't afford huge packs like entire albums or similar stuff.
anyway, my dlc compilation is hosted here, at that brilliant site. it shows my GH3 dlc too, even if i'm not interested in that game series anymore. you won't see me playing GH3 online in the future.

i'll be very brief. i hate long boring self-celebrating walls of text.

characters data

GH series

i only used Pandora in every game that featured her. anybody else was too tacky for me, and she looked a lot classier. when GH3 came out, i had to switch to Casey Lynch, because of the lack of Pandora and because the characters in that episode royally sucked. and when i say royally, i fucking mean it. you'll never, ever see me using a male character apart from the ones i made on my own in RB.

rock band

please note that i don't own RB2, so i'm forced to take shtity screenshots with my cellphone. some of them are quite old and don't totally reflect the current character appearance.
i just got a dazzle capture card and made a new screenshot for each character, enjoy.
every one of them is color-themed (obviously except the re-created ones).
guitarists   drummers
kelly_migraine.png k_donnerlicht.png disharmony.png   octavia_demise.png diamond.png kranium.png
kelly migraine
she's my main girl, the guitarist i use the most. she's green, short and curvy. om nom nom.
k. donnerlicht
mainly used as a bassist. it started as a tim skold clone and turned out like this.
punk-ish character i made when bored. she looks pretty hot in hotpants.
  octavia demise
my girl at the drums. she's bad to the bone. don't piss her off.
i wanted a classic rock character and i was missing a purple musician. here.
yes the facepaint is a skull. i wanted an industrial metal freak with a mohawk. he will sport a classy gasmask in RB2.
vocalists   re-created characters
eraserhead.png lilith_snow.png   pandora.png judy_nails.png joey_jordison.png
my red character. this is, basically, me. only differences are: i don't wear red makeup, i don't have a nazi helmet, i'm not that muscular.
lilith snow
female character for female vocals, pretty much necessary. used white-ish colors for her.
  pandora (guitarist)
my personal RB version. goth never looked whiter than this.
judy nails (guitarist)
gh2 hairdo and gh3 outfit. because i like so.
joey jordison (drums)
the facepaint feature inspired me to recreate his simple mask. turns out it's not that simple. i spent hours on that.

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