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What's up ROCK N' ROLL WORLD!!

I am a guitar player of well over 22 months.


1. My Story
2. My Discography
3. Follow Me on...

1. My Story
In December 2006, I was exposed to a kickass game called "Guitar Hero". I remember; it was the Friday before Christmas of that year. The first time I laid my once-rapping hands on that guitar controller, the spirit of Rock n' Roll grabbed me by the... well... everywhere... and never let me go. From that point on, I started listening to Rock music much more often. Then, after listening to the popular Metallica song, "One", for the first time ever in April 2007, I just said "F%%% RAP!" and started listening to rock n' roll (at the time, mostly hair metal from the 1980s), and heavy metal exclusively. On the last day of school that year, I put on another show on Guitar Hero. It was only six months after I had just started playing GH, that I was already playing on Hard/Expert. I immediately became the best Guitar Hero in my school.

Things would only get better from there. That summer, I started developing interest in the REAL guitar, and on my birthday, I got my first guitar and amp. It was a Field Green electric gutiar (one of those Les Paul rip-offs) and a Gorilla brand basic amp. After about two to three months of learning the instrument, I started coming up with ideas for songs of my own. One of these songs was "Rocker's Night Out (Next Day Hammered)", the story of a group of friends who get arrested for underage drinking and drunk driving. Another one of these songs is "A Summer in One Night (and One Party)", about a rocker who decides to throw a huge party on the last day of his summer vacation. It was - and still is - very exciting to come up with ideas for songs. When my sophomore year began, I was deep into rock and guitar. I was - and still am - thinkin' about formin' my own band. These thoughts had a serious impact on my grades that year and the next.
In November 2008, I ended up breaking my arm during gym, and was unable to play guitar for a couple of months. I still play guitar today. I haven't played GH in awhile, because my 360 is broken (video failure, not rrod). There's always Frets on Fire :).

Well, that's my story... so far...

2. My Discography

Remember the song I told ya' about, "Rocker's Night Out"?
It's ALMOST finished.

It just needs vocals, then some final mixing in Audacity...


There's more to come here...

3. Follow me on...



Keep on Rockin' on!


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