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Hellbound4eva's Profile Page

Hellbound4eva's Profile Page

About Me
Names: Jess, Jesse, Nova, Hellbound4eva
Age: 16
Occupation: Guitar Hero and KFC grease monkey lol
Consoles I Own: PS2 and PS3
Games I Own: Gh1. Gh2, Gh80's, Gh3, Gh:A, Gh:WT, RB1

Guitar Hero Beginnings
Well i was first introduced to GH at a party in May 2007 i think. My first attempt i was handed the guitar and not told what to do. I failed epicly on a song on easy. Once i got the hang of what i was meant to do i moved onto medium pretty quickly. I then played it at another party a couple weeks later. That was the last i played guitar hero for a couple of months until i purchased the Guitar Hero 2 bundle in July. Pretty quickly i began FC'ing all of easy and most of medium. I started trying to play hard and passed the first tier and the 2nd up until carry on my wayward son which i couldn't pass due to not being used to the orange fret. Slowly i built up my skill level until i got to expert. I then bought GH:80's which i lept straight into expert for and passed everything except play with me first time. Then came GH1 i passed everything first go on expert and to this day have only played the game about 3 more times lol.

Guitar Hero Present
Currently i am working on getting alot more Fc's across all games but mainly Gh 3 , A and WT. For a Complete list of my Fc's see below. I have participated in several tournaments for GH winning over $500 in prizes. Currently im in a WT band but we dont get together to play very often we're called OverNovaBon, hellbound4eva (me) voxtar, OverDrivve, bass, and Lexibon, Drums.

Guitar Hero Future
I will stay playing Gh even IF they stop making more games, and i want to become one of those players on youtube thateveryone watches their vids but we know that aint going to happen.

Guitar Hero Fc's
I love Rock and Roll
Fat Lip

Guitar Hero 2 FC's
Heart Shaped Box
Message In a Bottle
Monkey Wrench

Guitar Hero 3 FC's
Slow Ride
Talk Dirty To Me
Hit me With Your Best Shot
Story Of My Life
Mississippi Queen
Schools Out
Sunshine Of Your Love
Bulls On Parade
When You Were Young
Miss Murder
Lay Down
Paint It Black
Anarchy In The UK
My Name Is Jonas
Even Flow
La Grange
The Metal
Cant Be Saved
In Love
Minus Celsius
Metal Heavy Lady
Radio Song

Will add 80's aerosmith and wt fcs later.

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