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Age: 15
state: Ohio
Sex: Male
favorite guitar hero: Guitar hero III
Grade: 10th


Well, im a softomore at Cuyahoga falls High school. Im in the band, i play trumpet, and yes our band is wayyyy beter then our football team. My interest includes; computers in general; marching band; guitar hero; call of duty. theres more im just tired and cant think of any

how it all started

The first time i played Guitar hero was when i was in 7th grade in my band class.
the choir and the band kids had a day off so the teachers brought in the guitar hero guitars, a ps2, and Guitar hero II.
Automatically i was good at the game i started off on medium, but over about a year i got better at the game and made my way up to the expert difficulty. i ended up buying Guitar hero I before i bought Guitar hero II even though the first one in the series i played was GHII.
I ended up buying Guitar Hero II because my wammy was broken on my orginal guitar so i went and bought the Guitar hero II set. (plus i couldnt beat bark at the moon, or cowboys from hell)

I could go on for an hour on how guitar is in my life a lot, lol. but i wont keep you reading the boring intro.

Guitar hero's

Guitar hero I Guitar hero II guitar hero 80's guitar hero III guitar hero world tour
My Favorite songs from the first guitar hero would have to be, bark at the moon, cowboys from hell, and sharply dressed man my favorite songs from GHII were jordan,six,trogdor, and the light that blinds i didnt really play 80's, i preordered it, got it the day it came out, and sold it the same day. lol. guitar hero II, although very fun, i didn't enjoy one particular song or songs from it. so i like em all i guess. TO BE ANNOUNCED :]
I owned guitar hero I for a few years till the disk craped out on me, then i threw it out :\ but by then i had moved onto GHII i went through about 4 Guitar hero II disks, because i do customs and did the tape and tissue method for a while, lol so that ruined a few disks, but so worth it to play customs. guitar hero 80's i owned for a day, then sold it. i preordered Guitar Hero III and was the first one to get it at my gamestop (midnight release) i ran home to play through the fire and flames. but didn't because i got yelled at for staying out to late, lol so i had to wait a day i have preordered GH:WT and plan on being the first one to get it, again XD

Guitar hero customs

I first learned about customs a long time before i learned how to do it. it was back when Ghex was still out, before it got locked, then re released. i looked at a guide for about an hour, and thought, "there's no way i can do this" and gave up. Months later, after i had forgoten customs, my friend figured out how to do it and made me a custom disk, so i looked into it further and figured it out. Over time i became more experienced and figured out quite a lot about customs, so i enjoy answering peoples questions on the software forum. i create charts for myself, but if you look up my name you wont find many, i dont release them just because.

Guitar hero customs is what lead me to start enjoy messing with computer stuff and now i have taken some computer programing classes and figured out that is what i want to do with my life [computer program] so thanks scorehero? lol.

My "band" (maybe?)

Well i have a few friends, and we are trying to get a band together. we dont have a name, drummer, or lead singer. However we have a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and back up singer. The other two guys and I Jam sometimes and we sound pretty damn good. we just need to find the missing pieces to our puzzle.

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