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Real Name: Josh
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Location: Rochester, MN (yes, same as iamchris4life)

Brief History of GH experience:

I bought Guitar Hero I the very first day it came out. I read previews of it and when I saw a glowing write-up by Penny Arcade I knew this was something I had to take a chance on despite its higher-than-normal cost. I started out on Easy and actually did pretty well, not failing anything. I stayed with Medium for a long time (a couple of months) before trying to brave Hard. I briefly dabbled in Expert over the year but it was just a lost cause at that point. :)

When Guitar Hero II came out I got it the first day again, and played through the entire setlist in one day on Hard, managing to pass everything despite being exhausted and my feet killing me towards the end. I played mostly Hard and Expert from that point eventually doing decent with Expert after tons of practice and perseverance.

I was really excited for Guitar Hero III and all the "fresh meat" (as I put it) of new songs and started with Expert right away. Unlike many others on SH I don't have any problems with the charts or the difficulty. I am not good enough to 5-star everything but I have everything in the career list 5-starred except for Raining Blood.

I have always wanted to play drums though so when Rock Band came out I got that right away and concentrated a lot on drums since I thought the guitar career was only average and mostly unfulfilling. I was not a very good Expert drummer (lots of bass hits > me) but on Hard I worked my way all the way up to 4th overall on SH.

I also got Rock Band 2 the first day but I thought they made the Hard drums career much easier (I have 61/84 FC's already) and so I've been playing mostly Expert guitar and drums. I'm not good enough for the end of Expert drums yet though. Also the guitar career is much harder this time IMO. HMX has inserted manual ho/po's and awkward chord changes just like GH3 did for the sake of difficulty. But I don't mind, really, it will just take a lot of effort to get good at all these songs. :)

Thank you for reading!

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