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About Me

Hi. I'm jacobingram. Yes, that's my real name. Jacob Ingram. I am a Guitar Hero Expert player and have 24 fc's. I am 14 years old and have been playing since February 2008. My biggest goal yet is to 5* TTFAF and get around 900,000 points.

Guitar Hero Story

Well, I got Guitar Hero III for my birthday in February as a present. I got so excited, so I absolutely bolted into my room to play it. I started off on Easy (boring!) and passed a few songs. Then I eventually passed Easy and went up to Medium. Like 5 days later, I passed Medium (yippee!). Then I went up to Hard and started playing that. I had a bit of trouble with some songs but then I had passed Hard. Then I went on to the big guns. EXPERT. I had beaten most of the songs but for like a month, I was stuck on Knights of Cydonia. I passed it, though. The next fork in the road was Before I Forget. The hard part was where you change like from GY to RB to YO really fast. I just couldn't keep up. But 3 weeks later, I passed it. Then the last tier of songs came. Oh boy. I had a tough time passing Raining Blood. The Mosh section was leaving me annoyed. Eventually, I passed it. Then I had no trouble beating other song. I in fact passed the solos on One. Then after a while of not playing, I beat Lou on Expert and I finally was able to pass Through the Fire and Flames on Expert!!. After that, I bought Guitar Hero II and started on Hard. I beat it. I played Expert. I beat it. I passed all hard songs like Psychobilly Freakout, Free Bird, Beast and the Harlot and others. The only song I'm having trouble on is Jordan by Buckethead. I can't beat the 3rd solo part. Well, that's my story. I haven't been on Guitar Hero for a while because all the games were on my PS2 or DS and I got a PS3 so I haven't got any games on the PS3. Well, Guitar Hero ones anyway.

Facts about Me

I am 14 years old.
I play Expert and have 24 FC's.
I am an Aussie.
I am a christian.

E-mail me at for handy tips and other stuff.

My FC's

All Guitar X unless noted.

GH1 FC's

I Love Rock 'n' Roll
I Wanna Be Sedated
More Than A Feeling

GH2 FC's

Heart Shaped Box

GH3 FC's

Bulls on Parade
My Name Is Jonas
Mississippi Queen
Slow Ride
When You Were Young
Miss Murder
Lay Down
Can't Be Saved
Generation Rock
Metal Heavy Lady
Radio Song
Sunshine of Your Love
Talk Dirty to Me


Dream Police


We Are The Champions


Killer Queen

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