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Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score21,299,355
Hai Gaise I'm Jamesw, and anyone who knows of my name would know me because I was the 10th person to FC Beast and the Harlot, and I was the 16th person to FC Jordan. BatH was my 25th GH2 FC and Jordan was my 26th.
I started playing GH3 in March 2008. I got GH2 in late may it it quickly became the only GH game I played. I also have GH1, but I mainly only play it when I want to just have fun. My favourite song in any game is Jordan. I spent so long trying to pass the damn song, eventually failing ON the Blue note of freedom, and when I got past the solos for the first time, I had more nerves than any other time in my GH car33r. In late June I decided that I wanted to try to learn to tap the solo's because my friend Spartn1337 could pass the song every time by spamming. It became my summer "project" and I played it obsessively. I fc'd solo B in late July and solo C took a lot longer, but I became consistent on every solo in mid-September. I have a habit of playing through the solo's every run even if I miss beforehand, and in the week before I fc'd Jordan I had 9 reverse chokes with a miss in solo A, and eventually 5 real chokes before I finally fc'd the song. I got 400K on it exactly 4 months after I started playing GH in early August, and FCd it within 6 months of playing it on October 7, but with a star power overlap :(.
I am going for 63/64 GH2 FC's, and possibly 64 if strikebowler's PAL reformatting is accepted as legit. I already have BatH, Jordan, 100% (xstrum) twice on misirlou, -6 on The Light That Blinds and -10 on hangar 18. I'm close to an FC on every song except Trogdor (ten -2's on NTSC version, but it's impossible). I basically just need to grind out the rest of the fc's that I still need and I'll be good to go.

My Best Friend is User_Spartn1337 Spartn1337, he is cooler than I am.

Fun Facts

I'll update more later, I'm off to play some GH2!

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