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Jerock is a high level guitar hero player from the Netherlands. He is also known as jjp4wnthug2 on many sites including youtube

He started playing Guitar Hero when guitar hero 2 came out. A good friend of his got the game and that's where he started.
He first played on the medium difficulty, but when guitar hero 3 came out he could pass most songs on hard.

After buying guitar hero 3 for the Wii himself, he gained skill very fast resulting in ultimately passing all songs on expert, leaving only song_GH3_ThroughTheFireAndFlames TTFAF 4-starred.

The same friend that introduced Jerock to Guitar hero bought rockband, so Jerock was introduced to drumming as well. He also completed the endless setlist on guitar with the same friend playing bass.

Jerock got GHWT when it came out and after a few months he passed all songs on guitar, bass and drums. On vocals he still hasn't played all songs, because he is too lazy, but he's also a good singer.

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