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(Yup, I really played at the Video Game Awards - More Pics)
Visit I was on Ep.11

Tale of the Tape:

Jerrid Thomas
Age: 29
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220lbs
Reach: far enough to hit the Yellow
and Green cymbals simultaneously on
my ION drum kit

Games I play other than RB or GH:
Civilization Revolution

Real Life Hobbies/Talents:
Golf (8 handicap, 2 Hole-in-Ones, been to 2004 Ryder Cup)
Bowling (200 ave, high game 280, high series 747)
Play Real Drums
Card/Board Games (Risk, Catan, Spades)
Love Camping, Lake Activities, my dog 'Guy', my wife Kaci

Scorehero Cherry Pop:

Oct 2006, First time I played GH was at Best Buy in Oklahoma City, OK -
Instant Love Affair.
Was out of town w/o PS2 or Xbox360, so I started poking around GH Official Forums, and saw
couple references to Scorehero. Bam. I was in, and had more info than I knew what to do with
Got the game, and thanks to Scorehero's community, I became quite good, in a short amount of time.

Rock Band Career:

RB2 is in progress.
Drums of choice: ION Kit (this is fantastically fun and wonderful to play on!)
Guitar of choice: For Score - Les Paul | For Fun - Strat (Love the Wah-wah, especially in RB2!)

I avoid Bass - just not fun enough for me (too easy, prefer guitar parts like most)
I am not a great vocalist, but LOVE the mic in my hand when I'm drinking with friends! who doesn't?!

Stats through 10/9/08

Epileptic Dinner Party: (Our reunion tour will start soon. Previously we dominated the Hard Full Band Charts and moved to Expert)
jerridthomas79 (guitar)
nivlac (drums)
amyjane (bass)
sburymadness (vocals)

Drums/Guitar duo:
jerridthomas79 (X drums)
clooficarus (X guitar) *this guy is ridiculous! check out his scores for GH2, GH3, RB1 (He only really focuses on the higher tier songs)

Guitar Hero Career:

Played them All (minus DS... that one just doesn't count in my book)
Beat them All (on Expert) - Songs that gave me trouble (Psychobilly is still the only one that haunts me:
GH1: Cowboys From Hell
GH2: Jordan, Psychobilly (fuck this one), Trooper
GH80s: Because It's Midnight - I can finally get through solo w/o SP
GH3: Raining Blood (did 5* for log Nov07), TtFaF (Intro part... I still don't tap)
GHA: None - Too Easy, played for one day is all

GH1 was wonderful! (just need to get a GH game that lets me play ALL my GH tracks on one disc like RB)
GH2 is the best so far IMO
GH80s is great, being a HUGE 80's fan in general
GH3 - fun, but makes me play sloppy, and I got less accurate.
I can hold my own in the GH series.

YouTube | YouTube

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by San Diego.

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