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Birthday: June 3, 1992
Age: 16
Home State: Mississippi
PSN Name: jorpdaq

Guitar Hero Story

I first began playing Guitar hero at a friend's house. He could play on Hard and another friend, Expert. I was all like O_o. I thought I could never do that. I struggled to play on Easy. But I had fun with it. When GH2 came out, I got it for Christmas. I played the game religiously. Quickly, I passed both friends and soon became best in my town. I got the log at the end of the summer and was looked on as a beast by my friends. Then i came to scorehero and my guitar hero beastlyness was flushed down the toilet. But I went through the ranks and got much better, but nothing to special.
Eventually I got a ps3 and GH3. I'm currently 40th place on ps3 GH3X. Eventually, I'll try and start to take over Rexisfed (will never happen). I'm the best in my town at the game, I was the first to beat TTFAF and 5* the whole game. I remember the first day it came out, I played until 3:00 A.M. Raining Blood took me forever, but I got through it, woke my friends up, and said, "Stuff's about to go down!" I played and lost against Lou multiple times, I got fed up with him and quit and went to sleep. While asleep I had a dream that I beat Lou. My friend Will came upstairs and said, "Come down stairs, you need to beat Lou." First try, I was a happy Guitar Hero.


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