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Hi, you have reached the User Page of klye. I'm not here right now, but if you leave a a comment I'll get back to you shortly. I don't think there is any beep, so don't waste your time waiting for it.

Name: Kyle
Birthday: 1/30/89
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
XBL Gamertag: EyeWoodchuckEwe

Guitar Hero History
The first time I ever played was at a friends birthday party in December '07. After I stood around and watched people play for a couple hours (they were all on medium and hard) I decided that I had pretty much figured out what to do and gave it a shot. I don't remember for sure, but I want to say my first song was Sweet Child O' Mine, on Easy of course. I passed, and continued to play songs until someone decided to was time to walk to our rival high school and steal some banners off of their fence and hang out in a school bus just like you do at any birthday party. By that time, I had moved up to medium, and was passing most of the songs I played.

It wasn't until April '08 that I got to play again, this time on a band trip to Corpus, where after I got a bad enough sunburn that I was banned from the beach, I spent most of my time in the condo that had GH hooked up. I picked up where I left off on medium, and by the end of the weekend, I could own any song on medium, and probably should have tried hard, but couldn't convince myself that it was possible to use all five buttons. One of the few GH things I really remember from this weekend was playing Hangar 18 on Expert in PFO, and thinking it was the most impossible thing ever.

About a month after this was the third time I got to play, again at a birthday party. By this time, most of my friends were playing a mix of hard and expert, depending on the song. I was still stuck on medium ) : But that was about to change! One of my friends offered to sell me his PS2, and I took him up on it. Less than a week later, I owned my own copy of GH2, and had finished the medium career. I decided that I needed to catch up to everyone else, and took the plunge into Hard. I remember at first I would just ignore all of the oranges, but eventually there were too many, and I had to start playing them... I got stuck at several points along the way, but eventually managed to finish the career.

I stayed on Hard for a pretty long time. Then I decided I was going to pass Beast and the Harlot on Expert. It took about three days, and I'm pretty sure the first time I got through it was with a score of somewhere around 3, but it inspired me to start an Expert career, and I haven't looked back since.

Score Hero History
I found SH while looking for Guitar Hero videos on Youtube, and surfing my way to custom song videos. I joined to be able to click links to the forum, and even though I decided I didn't want to take the time to get into customs, I stuck around. About a year ago I took the time to upload my scores. I browse the forums pretty much all day (SH is my most frequently visited website), but I don't post too often. You may see me floating around in streams too, but again, I don't say much. Whatever.

More to come later, it's bed time now.

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