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This is my page?

I dont know how to edit it well.

My major accomplishments. In GH3. I own all of them, but only bother to be competitive in one of them.

1. Before I forget FC, decently consistent at it to. I rock this song.
2. 30 FC's
3. Co-op The Seeker 1st with my cousin pucktheduck
4. Co-op Same Old Song and Dance 1st
5. Co-op Rock and roll all nite 1st
6. Co-op 6th overall on Wii. Could be 1st if we lived together.
7. 1st on Wii on One co-op. Got it in 1 run, over 1.2 mil.
8. Sightreading passing DWDTG

Im going for 35. Half the game. Barraccuda will happen soon. I could have more, possibly 45 if I had the patience, or I cared as much as I used to.

My FC goal got postponed till I care again. Or when I get my GH3 back, as I left it in another country..

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