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I'm a 21 year old boy from Norway. I'm a student that waste to much time on games, especially in the genre that ScoreHero represents. The fall of 2006 I saw a youtube video of two guys kidding around playing Guitar Hero. I had heard about it before, but hadn't bothered to check it out, but after that video I was sold. I started on easy and played a lot in the start and got through expert pretty fast. After that I have played all games and I consider myself as a hardcore fan of the GH series and RB series. I play on the playstation systems.

I got familiar with ScoreHero when I watched some custom videos on youtube. After that I got swapmagic and played customs like crazy. I didn't really manage scores before I got GH3. At this point I inserted it for all games. It was at this point I started to check out some starpower paths. I'm not really good enough at GH3 to FC songs (most of them anyway), so I'm not far up there. I could probably go back to GH1 and GH2 and score a lot better.

Since I live in Norway where Rock Band 1 launched on the PS3 the fall of 2008, I didn't really think about getting it right away from the US because of the shippings prices etc. But I bought a used copy in Norway about february 2008. After a couple of days I played expert drums and I have barely touched the guitars after this.


Skill levels:

Instrument Difficulty level Misc info
Drums Expert I have some problems on the hardest DLC and RB2 songs, but I'm practicing rather than playing on hard
Guitar/Bass Expert Passed everything in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series except The Devil Went Down to Georgia DLC on GHIII
Vocals Easy? I tried this once and did pretty horrible. I'm not much of a singer

Accomplishments and progress

Guitar Hero Series

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80's

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Guitar Hero: On Tour

Guitar Hero: Aearosmith

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Rock Band Series

Rock Band

Rock Band 2

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