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NOTE: I'm not actively playing GH right now, so I'm not updating this page. Check my blog for my latest projects!

current progress

GHWT Expert Bass FC's (No DLC)


GHWT Expert Bass Overall Score


GHWT Expert Guitar FC's (No DLC)


GHWT Expert Guitar Overall Score


My Bass paths are here
obligatory bio section
Welcome to my corner of the ScoreHero universe! I've been playing guitar hero relatively regularly since GH1, with a few breaks here and there. Once upon a time, I got a degree in Piano Performance from the University of Georgia, but these days I tend to play plastic guitars and fake drum sets more than real instruments. I have a family and a full-time job as a computer programmer so my GH playing tends to be in the late-night hours.

A while back, I created a couple of programs to assist with custom songs in Guitar Hero, Ark Expander and Guitar Wizard. I also wrote a strategy guide for creating star power charts and squeezing.

I am not a top-notch technical player, but I have managed to at least win a few local contests, and my technique is improving, albeit slowly. I tend to have long plateaus where I don't really improve at all, then short bursts where my hands seem to have a life of their own and my technique seems to improve greatly. Fortunately, the last one of those happened right before Guitar Hero World Tour, so I'm currently having fun going through all the new songs!

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