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Welcome to Meister's Wiki Page

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Table of Contents

 Basic Information 
   Difficulties Played 
   My Background 
   Guitar Hero History 
   Rock Band History 
   Modern Warfare 2 

Basic Information


Name: Justin DeBoer
Birth Date: June 30, 1988
Current Location: St Cloud, Minnesota
PSN ID: justindeboer
360 Gamertag: MeisterSH
I play almost exclusively on the PS3, currently I don't have XBox Live, and I only have Rock Band 1 for the 360.

Difficulties By Instrument

Guitar/Bass: Expert
Drums: Mostly expert, but I will switch to hard for songs most time if I am going to go for squeezes
Vocals: Depends on the songs, I sightread FC some songs in Expert if I know them well, others I can barely 5 star in Hard mode

My Background

I was born in Fort Hood, Texas a couple minutes before midnight. Lived in Texas for about a year and a half, during which my brother was also born, then I moved to Minnesota or Washington, I can't really remember lol. After a while my parents got divorced and my mom moved to Seattle, I wasliving with my dad, brother, and grandmother in a small town in Minnesota.

Not much happened as I grew up, when I was 5 we moved to Litchfield, MN and stayed there until after I graduated from high school. During school, I was not really into playing sports, but I was friends with almost everyone there, I remember crowd surfing at the prom xD. I was known as one of the smartest people in my grade, but I stopped caring about school and didn't graduate in the top 5 percent :( In 5th and 6th grade I won the local spelling bee, which had kids in grades 5 through 8, the next 2 years I didn't participate. In 12th grade (the year GH2 came out) I went Post Secondary to Ridgewater College in Hutchinson and joined the Knowledge Bowl in my high school (don't know why I didn't before) and helped take them to state, my area they always went to me for was math.

After I graduated from high school, I moved out of my dad's house promptly, I was very excitd to leave lol. I was going to college still but ended up taking a break. I moved to Seattle, Washington to live with my mom that I hadn't seen for a few years, but I didn't enjoy it there so after 10 months a few friends flew over from MN and we took a road trip back to Minnesota with all my stuff with me. And I moved to St Cloud to start up with school again.

I have been working at 3 different Burger Kings for the last 2 1/2 years.

Guitar Hero History

The first time I ever played Guitar Hero was when a friend brought it over to my house on Halloween of 2005, I remember the first song I tried (and failed) was Iron Man on medium mode. He left and I didn't really think that much of the game. Later another friend told me that they had Guitar Hero available to play at the Wal Mart that was across the street from the college I was going to, I used my breaks and went and played that for a long time whenever I got the chance to. I was slowly progressing up through medium, I thought I would never move to hard mode still lol.

The first Guitar Hero game I owned was Guitar Hero 2, I bought it at a midnight release, and I was just starting to try out hard mode. I think it was a few days before I bought it that I found scorehero, (I am one of the oldest members, number 5453) it encouraged me to keep playing and get better. Guitar Hero 2 was the most fun game for me because I progressed from just starting hard mode to getting the log and 5 starring every song, even Jordan and Six. I even got a few FCs, 12 Expert FCs, and I remember my first FC ever was in Medium, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight lol, I was excited when I got it. I got Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s at a midnight release also, played a bit of that and went right back to GH2. (More on GH80s later)

I was done going for scores when for every song I already had an extremely lucky run I couldn't get close to again, but by that time GH3 was already announced and I was waiting for it. With 2 weeks left I decided I wanted to learn how to squeeze, so I FCed GH2 on medium mode with paths and got up to 3rd place overall on it. (that rank has since dropped)

I got Guitar Hero 3 at midnight again, I wasliving in Washington at this time, and had it beat in expert mode by 4:30 PM that day. It took me about 3 weeks to 5 star every main setlist song song and get the El Jefe. I will never 4 star TTFAF, or 5 star The Way It Ends. After I got Rock Band, I never played Guitar Hero competitively again.

Rock Band History

Done for tonight, will add more soon

Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score12,057,279
Guitar Hero III (PS2)
Total Score9,230,035
Rock Band (Guitar, PS3)
Total Score10,098,734
Rock Band 2 (Guitar, PS3)
Total Score4,436,606
Rock Band 2 (Bass, PS3)
Total Score10,916,859

Modern Warfare 2

If there's anything you want me to add, please tell me lol. Formatiwise, more stats I should put, things to make it look better

Up to date as of 4/14


Score: 3,856,330
Wins: 2,002
Losses: 3,089
Ties: 12
Win Streak: 9

Kills: 48,663
Headshots: 2,990
Assists: 4,381
Streak: 32
Deaths: 36,231

Older Stats

2500 kills less than deaths
Even kills and deaths
When I started blog- Vital_Signs is legit 10th Prestige, Cyriano is glitched, but 4.51 K/D is real


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Gun: Kills, Headshots
Assault Rifles
M4A1: 645, 47
FAMAS: 736, 65
SCAR-H: 2500+, 718
TAR-21: 2500+, 227
FAL: 34, 4
M16A4: 20, 6
ACR: 502, 38
F2000: 22, 1
AK-47: not unlocked

Sub Machine Guns
MP5K: 1532, 112
UMP45: 1445, 97
Vector: 1002, 54
P90: 0, 0
Mini-Uzi: 622, 45

Light Machine Guns
L86 LSW: 560, 56
RPD: 515, 38
MG4: 14, 0
AUG HBAR: 1855, 141
M240: 1, 0

Sniper Rifles
Barrett .50cal: 78, 33
Intervention: 533, 231
WA2000: 520, 186
M21 EBR: 8, 1

Machine Pistols
PP2000: 13, 0
G18: 523, 60
M93 Raffica: 97, 11
TMP: 8, 0

SPAS-12: 500, 31
AA-12: 20, 2
Striker: 1265, 133
Ranger: 502, 51
M1014: 532, 43
Model 1887: Not unlocked yet

USP .45: 5, 1
.44 Magnum: 26, 4
M9: 1, 0
Desert Eagle: 0, 0

AT4-HS: 18, 6 multikills
Thumper: 529, 63 multikills
Stinger: 51 Helicopters
Javelin: 17, 2 multikills
RPG-7: not unlocked yet


Sentry Gun: 150
Predator Missile: 816
Precision Airstrike: 511
Harrier Strike: 1000+
Attack Helicopter: 195
Pave Low: 596
Stealth Bomber: 165
Chopper Gunner: 716
AC130: 223

Kill Checkpoints

Kills, Deaths, K/D from previous
Kills x1000
42020, 32401
43002, 33030, 1.56
44007, 33578, 1.83
45006, 34183, 1.65
47016, 35343, 1.73 (missed 46k)
48018, 35845, 2.00

Deaths x1000
48269, 36002

Prestige Starts
6th Prestige: 44410, 33835

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