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EPIC AIM TALK with Nammy and Friends

AngrySex88=Also Me
P123456Malana=Pat Malana
huniibuniixO=Stephanie (1st girl to appear on epic AIM talk)
Yumito100=Eric (That's what we think his name is)

Scene 1 Robert the Polak

PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:21 PM): ok
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:27 PM): its been like
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:29 PM): 4 days
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:31 PM): since sunday
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:33 PM): and robert has'
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:35 PM): 36 hours
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:38 PM): in WoW time
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:34:39 PM): for this week
corkyredskin69 (6:35:40 PM): and school this week has been 19.5 hours
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:35:47 PM): hahahahahahaha
corkyredskin69 (6:37:24 PM): Robert has spent 20.31 % of his time in class and 37.5 % of his time playing World of Warcraft plus a deal of time at drama and sleeping
corkyredskin69 (6:37:32 PM): With these Mathematical Facts
corkyredskin69 (6:37:38 PM): My Conjecture Is...
corkyredskin69 (6:37:52 PM): Robert hasn't been laid this week, and most likely never has or never will
corkyredskin69 (6:37:59 PM): WoW, what a fag
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:38:15 PM): Wow,
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (6:38:18 PM): that was fucking epic

Scene 2 Robert the Polak II

PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (8:17:16 PM): epic attempt at an insult
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (8:17:17 PM): XxScytheLockxX (8:16:20 PM): hell would i ever agree with alex
XxScytheLockxX (8:16:25 PM): shes fucking dull
XxScytheLockxX (8:16:27 PM): as a
XxScytheLockxX (8:16:28 PM): whatever
XxScytheLockxX (8:16:31 PM): really fucking stupid animal
XxScytheLockxX (8:16:37 PM): with ADHF
XxScytheLockxX (8:16:40 PM): ADHD*

Scene 3 Robert the Polak III

PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:58:51 PM): XxScytheLockxX (9:56:35 PM): you said something about me being crazy
XxScytheLockxX (9:56:40 PM): for footlongs
Nando092 (9:56:44 PM): XD
Nando092 (9:56:47 PM): That was a joke
Nando092 (9:56:52 PM): Between me and Nam
XxScytheLockxX (9:56:58 PM): about me being fat
XxScytheLockxX (9:57:00 PM): thanks

Scene 5-Blowjobs

Scorch625 (10:03:04 PM): hmmm how can we relate bjs to stefan
Scorch625 (10:03:07 PM): .... hmm
AngrySex88 (10:03:07 PM): lisa simpson is a girl that goes to my school
D1994SUPRA (10:03:12 PM): how cant we
D1994SUPRA (10:03:12 PM): ?

Scene 6-Stefan Gets pwn'd
serbianstud17 (9:45:43 PM): as soon as im seventeen im dropin out of ridgewood and goin too budsmond
AngrySex88 (9:45:46 PM): hey...donato's on facebook
Scorch625 (9:45:47 PM): mickey got head?
AngrySex88 (9:45:59 PM): from a female so don't try 2 set me up
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:00 PM): Serbian head specifically.
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:05 PM): oooh,
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:07 PM): he has a sister?
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:10 PM): nvm.
AngrySex88 (9:46:12 PM): YES HE DOES
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:14 PM): LOL
AngrySex88 (9:46:14 PM): ...but she's married
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:17 PM): ...
Scorch625 (9:46:18 PM): ohh yah and waht a sister
AngrySex88 (9:46:19 PM): and serbia
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:19 PM): epic
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:24 PM): that's just gross
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:46:25 PM): ._.
serbianstud17 (9:46:40 PM): wats gross
Scorch625 (9:46:44 PM): ur face
serbianstud17 (9:46:47 PM): that ur a dumb asian
Scorch625 (9:46:50 PM): ooohh
AngrySex88 (9:46:59 PM): all u do at budsmond is sit on a computer for 3 hrs. and go home
Scorch625 (9:47:03 PM): rabble rabble rabble
AngrySex88 (9:47:13 PM): i'd do it if it didn't require me being a complete derelict
serbianstud17 (9:47:23 PM): i kno thats why ima go there and u get ur credits way faster
AngrySex88 (9:47:36 PM): derelict for you dumbasses (particularly stefan) means a fucking retard
Scorch625 (9:47:41 PM): lol
Scorch625 (9:47:50 PM): noice use of vocab
serbianstud17 (9:47:53 PM): u get ur credits faster
Scorch625 (9:47:55 PM): skillz
Scorch625 (9:48:16 PM): stefan how many classes are u failing right now?
AngrySex88 (9:48:22 PM): at least 1
serbianstud17 (9:48:26 PM): 3
AngrySex88 (9:48:28 PM): lol
Scorch625 (9:48:34 PM): yah ur dumb assa int going to college
serbianstud17 (9:48:49 PM): pce out
AngrySex88 (9:48:52 PM): yeah, i'm on the honor roll junior

Scene 7: You're both wrong

P123456MaLaNa (9:24:13 PM): serbianstud ima kick the fuckouta u
AngrySex88 (9:24:13 PM): <
Mickey corkyredskin69 (9:24:22 PM): <
Also Mickey AngrySex88 (9:24:26 PM): lol
serbianstud17 (9:24:35 PM): weird much
serbianstud17 (9:24:47 PM): and y r u gonna kick the fuck out of me
P123456MaLaNa (9:24:53 PM): talkin shit bout my bro
serbianstud17 (9:24:57 PM): who
P123456MaLaNa (9:24:57 PM): yea i hear
P123456MaLaNa (9:25:00 PM): mark malana
serbianstud17 (9:25:05 PM): wat
P123456MaLaNa (9:25:11 PM): i kno he gay u dont hafta fuck his mindup w/ stupid shit
serbianstud17 (9:25:17 PM): idk wat ur tlkin bout
P123456MaLaNa (9:25:21 PM) has left the room.
serbianstud17 (9:25:38 PM): whos mark malana
Scorch625 (9:25:49 PM): stefan ur stefag... every1 wants to beat the shit out of u
serbianstud17 (9:25:59 PM): whos scorch
corkyredskin69 (9:26:04 PM): koobz
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:26:09 PM) has entered the room.
corkyredskin69 (9:26:24 PM): One azn leaves, another one comes
serbianstud17 (9:26:28 PM): idk who his little bro is anyway
serbianstud17 (9:26:33 PM): phail
AngrySex88 (9:26:33 PM): patrick malana
AngrySex88 (9:26:36 PM): stupid
serbianstud17 (9:26:37 PM): whos that
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:26:37 PM): yo
AngrySex88 (9:26:42 PM): that's nammy u don't know him
serbianstud17 (9:26:47 PM): oh i c
corkyredskin69 (9:26:53 PM): nam...GET NANADOE!
serbianstud17 (9:26:54 PM): ok but idk his little bro
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:27:04 PM): he's away
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:27:05 PM): >_>
AngrySex88 (9:27:10 PM): GET NANADOE!
serbianstud17 (9:27:13 PM): how tall is his little bro
AngrySex88 (9:27:20 PM): You don't know patrick malana
AngrySex88 (9:27:22 PM): ???
serbianstud17 (9:27:23 PM): omg mickey holy shit fuck this kid
serbianstud17 (9:27:25 PM): i kno him
AngrySex88 (9:27:28 PM): lol
serbianstud17 (9:27:34 PM): but whos his little bro
AngrySex88 (9:27:40 PM): pat malana is the one who wants to beat your ass
AngrySex88 (9:27:45 PM): he doesn't have a little brother
serbianstud17 (9:27:50 PM): and whos his bro
AngrySex88 (9:27:52 PM): mark malana is his OLDER brother
AngrySex88 (9:27:57 PM): he was a sr. last year
huniibuniixO (9:28:04 PM): im ored
huniibuniixO (9:28:08 PM) has left the room.
serbianstud17 (9:28:10 PM): wtf i wasnt tlkin shit about him
AngrySex88 (9:28:13 PM): i'll show you his yearbook pic at a later date
serbianstud17 (9:28:20 PM): k
serbianstud17 (9:28:23 PM): watev
serbianstud17 (9:28:26 PM): thats so bull
serbianstud17 (9:28:27 PM): tho
AngrySex88 (9:28:35 PM): lol oook...
Scorch625 (9:28:45 PM): i think im gonna go watch a movie...
serbianstud17 (9:28:52 PM): wait was he like messed up or something
corkyredskin69 (9:29:01 PM): no stupid
corkyredskin69 (9:29:02 PM): lol
Scorch625 (9:29:06 PM): hmm
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:29:19 PM): Mickey lovessssssssssss teh cock
serbianstud17 (9:29:19 PM): ok then he couldve whooped my ass if he wanted too
corkyredskin69 (9:29:39 PM): Nammy lovesssssssssssssssssssssssss teh tainte
serbianstud17 (9:29:40 PM): ok nammy idk u but u seem annoying
serbianstud17 (9:30:00 PM): ok so fuck u and ur stupid little life
Scorch625 (9:30:00 PM): its ok, just smile and nod
serbianstud17 (9:30:04 PM): k u dumbass
corkyredskin69 (9:30:15 PM): i need to get nammy out here from arlington to put a whoop on ur ass
Scorch625 (9:30:31 PM): yes plz
corkyredskin69 (9:30:35 PM): lol
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:30:36 PM): lmao
Scorch625 (9:30:38 PM): n bring a camera
corkyredskin69 (9:30:48 PM): video camera? preferably
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:30:51 PM): who wants to fight me?
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:30:52 PM): lol
serbianstud17 (9:30:52 PM): wait wat is he gonna beat my ass over wow im really scareedd now
AngrySex88 (9:30:56 PM): stefan
Scorch625 (9:31:00 PM): yah a cam corder i meant
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:03 PM): How much does he weigh and how tall is he
AngrySex88 (9:31:04 PM): that's it
AngrySex88 (9:31:26 PM): idk exactly but lauren almost broke his arm cuz she beat his ass so badly
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:31 PM): LMFAO
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:34 PM): Wow
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:37 PM): what a joke
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:37 PM): lmao
serbianstud17 (9:31:45 PM): u dont have to judge a person on wat height they are
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:53 PM): Well,
serbianstud17 (9:31:54 PM): just look at ridge
AngrySex88 (9:31:58 PM): yeah nammy...he's more pathetic of a fighter than his build
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:31:58 PM): some people are vertically challenged
Scorch625 (9:32:04 PM): lol
AngrySex88 (9:32:05 PM): and nammy doesn't know ridge fuckhead
AngrySex88 (9:32:11 PM): lol
serbianstud17 (9:32:21 PM): no but he was like wat height i am
serbianstud17 (9:32:22 PM): wtf
AngrySex88 (9:32:26 PM): yeah i know
AngrySex88 (9:32:28 PM): and nammy
AngrySex88 (9:32:31 PM): that was wrong
serbianstud17 (9:32:43 PM): how tall is he hes asian right
AngrySex88 (9:32:44 PM): don't you EVER judge somebodys fighting ability on their fight
AngrySex88 (9:32:50 PM): * height
AngrySex88 (9:32:52 PM): and weight
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:32:56 PM): I'm 6'2 and i weight 161 pounds
AngrySex88 (9:33:07 PM): because maybe somebody is small and can whoop the shit out of u
serbianstud17 (9:33:11 PM): ok i bet u ridge could whoop his ass
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:33:16 PM): and i'm a third degree black belt, take boxing classes, and wrestled for 3 years.
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:33:21 PM): I doubt it
serbianstud17 (9:33:22 PM): belive me for shure and hes like 53
serbianstud17 (9:33:31 PM): 5'5
Scorch625 (9:33:44 PM): u keep bringing up other ppls names
serbianstud17 (9:33:48 PM): ok watev he could still whoop ur ass
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:33:50 PM): And judging from your myspace pics you look like a 10 year old.
AngrySex88 (9:33:51 PM): actually nammy probably wouldn't beat ridge's ass...but then again stefan...ridge woun't solve all of your problems
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:33:59 PM): XD
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:33:59 PM): lmfao.
AngrySex88 (9:34:06 PM): i wanna see stefan try to take ridge
Scorch625 (9:34:07 PM): talk bout urself shithead and stop hiding bhind ur buttbudy
AngrySex88 (9:34:07 PM): hehe
serbianstud17 (9:34:10 PM): noooooooooooo
AngrySex88 (9:34:16 PM): oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
AngrySex88 (9:34:24 PM): STEFAN=JUST GOT SERVED
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:34:33 PM): Lmao this id got treated
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:34:37 PM): kid*
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:34:43 PM):
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:34:44 PM): and is this ridge
AngrySex88 (9:34:51 PM): oh and to add insult to injury
AngrySex88 (9:35:08 PM): koobz beat stefan ass in 8th grade when he was as big as one of my man titties
serbianstud17 (9:35:09 PM): not the kid in the pic
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:35:33 PM): This guy is 5'5?
serbianstud17 (9:35:49 PM): ya but the kid in the pic isnt ridge
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:35:56 PM): yes... i know.
serbianstud17 (9:36:00 PM): tupac biggie shut the fuk up
serbianstud17 (9:36:06 PM): ya
serbianstud17 (9:36:47 PM): take me away like i overdosed on cocaine
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:36:59 PM): oooh
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:37:01 PM): don't do coke
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:37:03 PM): that's bad for you.
AngrySex88 (9:37:07 PM): ha
AngrySex88 (9:37:16 PM): in one of the pics he looks like vals neighbor damian
youngmonk15 (9:38:52 PM) has been invited.
Invitation result for buddy youngmonk15 : youngmonk15 is unable or does not support this feature.
Scorch625 (9:38:56 PM): yah drugs are bad
Scorch625 (9:39:05 PM): shouldnt do drugs
Scorch625 (9:39:08 PM): mmm k
corkyredskin69 (9:39:12 PM): especially for stupid fags like stefan
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:39:12 PM): yeah mickey
corkyredskin69 (9:39:13 PM): lol
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (9:39:13 PM): lol
corkyredskin69 (9:39:14 PM): =D
serbianstud17 (9:39:22 PM): and fuk jesse jackson cause it aint about race now
huniibuniixO (9:39:34 PM) has entered the room.
huniibuniixO (9:39:42 PM): yoooooo
corkyredskin69 (9:39:43 PM): nothing ur saying is pertaining to how served you're getting
Scorch625 (9:39:48 PM): is he high or just incredibly stupid... pick one
Scorch625 (9:39:51 PM): stupid
AngrySex88 (9:40:02 PM): stupid
huniibuniixO (9:40:23 PM): sstupid

Scene 8: Meet Nando

Nando092 (10:22:39 PM): So...yeah.
Nando092 (10:22:42 PM): My names Nando
Nando092 (10:22:44 PM): >_>
corkyredskin69 (10:22:53 PM): i figured
corkyredskin69 (10:23:07 PM): val and alex (the retarded) and lauren just love you
Nando092 (10:23:24 PM): Is that a good thing?
Nando092 (10:23:26 PM): >_>
corkyredskin69 (10:23:50 PM): not alex she smells and not lauren she has a really hairy back
corkyredskin69 (10:24:01 PM): val's otay
Nando092 (10:24:02 PM): XD
Nando092 (10:24:05 PM): LMFAO
Nando092 (10:24:07 PM): XD
Nando092 (10:24:18 PM): That was epic

Scene 9: Myspace Whore
corkyredskin69 (10:33:22 PM): add it bitch
Nando092 (10:33:35 PM): The weird thing is
Nando092 (10:33:45 PM): I was just about to ask for your myspace
Nando092 (10:33:46 PM): >_>
corkyredskin69 (10:33:51 PM): lol
corkyredskin69 (10:33:58 PM): mindreader
Nando092 (10:36:01 PM): But seriously,
Nando092 (10:36:06 PM): Since you asked first
Nando092 (10:36:09 PM): You're the myspace whore
Nando092 (10:36:11 PM): >_>
corkyredskin69 (10:36:15 PM): no i'm not
corkyredskin69 (10:36:21 PM): not til' i reach 500 friends
corkyredskin69 (10:36:23 PM): i'm at 267
Nando092 (10:36:26 PM): XD
Nando092 (10:36:27 PM): Well
Nando092 (10:36:31 PM): You're a bigger one than me
corkyredskin69 (10:36:43 PM): 269 now
Nando092 (10:36:46 PM): XD
corkyredskin69 (10:36:49 PM): kinda like how my penis is biger
Nando092 (10:36:53 PM): >_>
Nando092 (10:37:01 PM): Sexxaay pr0nz time?
Nando092 (10:37:02 PM): >_>
corkyredskin69 (10:37:05 PM): OH OH we're halfway there-ere
corkyredskin69 (10:37:07 PM): OH OH
corkyredskin69 (10:37:16 PM): Li-vin' on a PRAY-ER
Nando092 (10:37:25 PM): XD
corkyredskin69 (10:37:50 PM): bon jovi ftw

Scene 10: Meet Eric (His Name Probably Isn't Eric)

yumito100 (7:12:59 PM): bs
Scorch625 (7:13:04 PM): hihihihihihi
yumito100 (7:13:05 PM): "JuVeNtUsX1992 (8:11:25 PM): doesnt the cpu turn off?"
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:13:07 PM): thts y i said it
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:13:14 PM): cause i wasnt sure
yumito100 (7:13:26 PM): *cough* "JuVeNtUsX1992 (8:11:25 PM): doesnt the cpu turn off?"
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:13:32 PM): sorry i have a life and aint a cpu nerd who has 2 suck his own dick for action
Scorch625 (7:13:32 PM): ....
Scorch625 (7:13:41 PM): hey
yumito100 (7:13:43 PM): hey i have nammys for that
yumito100 (7:13:48 PM): dont use my own thank you
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:13:48 PM): ._.
corkyredskin69 (7:13:51 PM): well that answers my question
Scorch625 (7:13:52 PM): its werid but it gets teh job done!
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:14:00 PM): lmfao
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:14:07 PM): Just cause we know what alt + f4 is it means we suck our own dick?
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:14:10 PM): Your the weird one here
Scorch625 (7:14:11 PM): dun question my methods
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:14:11 PM): not us
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:14:11 PM): >_>
Nando092 (7:14:39 PM): Back
Nando092 (7:14:39 PM): >_>
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:14:45 PM): lol
yumito100 (7:14:53 PM): "JuVeNtUsX1992 (8:11:25 PM): doesnt the cpu turn off?"
Scorch625 (7:14:56 PM): i know but he got bad couze hes so durrr that he didnt know what alt f4 meant, or jsut wasnt sure
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:15:22 PM): wasnt sure i knew it was somethin like tht
yumito100 (7:15:43 PM): *COUGH*"JuVeNtUsX1992 (8:11:25 PM): doesnt the cpu turn off?"*COUGH*

Scene 11: Nammy Fails

PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:18:22 PM): ..,
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:18:24 PM): lol wtf
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:18:26 PM): i got "..."
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:18:28 PM): from typing lol
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:18:36 PM): that is EPIC failure

Scene 12: Stefan Got Gum Stuck To His Ass

serbianstud17 (7:29:07 PM) has entered the room.
Nando092 (7:29:08 PM): ._.
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:29:11 PM): L:OL
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:29:20 PM): STEFAG
serbianstud17 (7:29:21 PM): WHOS YUMITO
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:29:28 PM): HOWS UR GUMMY ASSS
serbianstud17 (7:29:30 PM): NOONE CALLS ME THAT
Scorch625 (7:29:34 PM): hahahaaha
AngrySex88 (7:29:36 PM): actually no, yumito pisses me off more
Nando092 (7:29:42 PM): ._.
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:29:43 PM): nyuuuu
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:29:45 PM): yumitoad > stefag
Nando092 (7:29:45 PM): I don't mind him
serbianstud17 (7:29:47 PM): WHO IS IT
yumito100 (7:29:54 PM): phone brb
corkyredskin69 (7:30:12 PM): yumichode? what?
Scorch625 (7:30:14 PM): his bitches are callling
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:30:22 PM): fa shooooooo
Nando092 (7:30:34 PM): Why you all finna hate on yumitoad?
Nando092 (7:30:35 PM): >_>
AngrySex88 (7:30:51 PM): cuz he's a dildo
serbianstud17 (7:30:56 PM): WHO IS HE
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:30:59 PM): THE MAN
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:31:00 PM): HE IS
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:31:01 PM): THE MAN
serbianstud17 (7:31:04 PM): DOES HE GO TO RIDGEWOOD
Nando092 (7:31:08 PM): I don't know he is
Nando092 (7:31:10 PM): But he's funny
Nando092 (7:31:11 PM): XD
Nando092 (7:31:17 PM): know who he*
serbianstud17 (7:31:21 PM): NO
Nando092 (7:31:29 PM): CAPS LOCK?!?!
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:31:35 PM): damn he didnt...
AngrySex88 (7:31:36 PM): NO HE DOESNT
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:31:43 PM): you mean no he isn't
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:31:44 PM): ._.
serbianstud17 (7:31:59 PM): IDK IM DOIN SHIT
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:32:00 PM): >:O
Nando092 (7:32:15 PM): ._.
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:32:26 PM): so stefag did u get teh gum off ur anus?
corkyredskin69 (7:32:41 PM): oh yeah stefag got gumbutted in english
corkyredskin69 (7:32:59 PM): and then claims to have pushed zak down at construction (which i dont know to be fact)
AngrySex88 (7:33:16 PM): today
serbianstud17 (7:33:19 PM): YA
corkyredskin69 (7:33:20 PM): iverson got traded
corkyredskin69 (7:33:26 PM): to detroit
serbianstud17 (7:33:27 PM): TO WAT TEAM
serbianstud17 (7:33:29 PM): WTF
corkyredskin69 (7:33:35 PM): for chauncey billups and antiono mcDyess
serbianstud17 (7:33:36 PM): THEY HAVE THE BEST TEAM EVER
serbianstud17 (7:33:45 PM): OH CHAUNCEY BILLUPS K
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:33:51 PM): they gave us chancey?
serbianstud17 (7:33:58 PM): NO NUGGETS
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:34:17 PM): *up
serbianstud17 (7:34:26 PM): YA
serbianstud17 (7:34:35 PM): THEY HAD THE FANTASTIC 4 B4
Nando092 (7:34:43 PM): ._.
serbianstud17 (7:34:55 PM): SHUT THE FUCK UP FERNANDO
AngrySex88 (7:35:09 PM): lol fernando just made a face
AngrySex88 (7:35:14 PM): that's not talking
Nando092 (7:35:15 PM): What's up with the caps lock?
AngrySex88 (7:35:17 PM): dumbfuck
serbianstud17 (7:35:24 PM): I LIKE IT
serbianstud17 (7:35:25 PM): K
AngrySex88 (7:35:27 PM): stefan talks like samuel Jackson
serbianstud17 (7:35:31 PM): GOT A PROBLEM WIT TI
corkyredskin69 (7:35:35 PM): loud, obnoxious, and black
AngrySex88 (7:35:40 PM): bad for the soul
Nando092 (7:35:42 PM): ._.
JuVeNtUsX1992 (7:35:44 PM) has left the room.
AngrySex88 (7:35:49 PM): bye frankie
Nando092 (7:35:58 PM): Is he Roberts friend?
Nando092 (7:35:59 PM): >_>
corkyredskin69 (7:36:03 PM): no
Nando092 (7:36:07 PM): Oh.
corkyredskin69 (7:36:09 PM): stefan hates robert
corkyredskin69 (7:36:13 PM): i hate robert
Nando092 (7:36:19 PM): It would of made sense, kinda
Nando092 (7:36:20 PM): ._.
corkyredskin69 (7:36:21 PM): frankie well idk neutral
Nando092 (7:36:27 PM): So...
Nando092 (7:36:30 PM): ...people in here....
Nando092 (7:36:37 PM): ...hate Robert and yumitoad?
Scorch625 (7:36:40 PM): koobz r koobz
AngrySex88 (7:36:41 PM): yes
AngrySex88 (7:36:47 PM): koobz is a pimp
PHaiLyOoR4LyFE (7:36:53 PM) has left the room.
Scorch625 (7:37:03 PM): im so kewl i have no affinity
Nando092 (7:37:11 PM): Well,
Nando092 (7:37:16 PM): Nam left....
Nando092 (7:37:20 PM): ....sooo...
AngrySex88 (7:37:22 PM): stay
Nando092 (7:37:23 PM): Bye
Nando092 (7:37:25 PM): Fine
Nando092 (7:37:26 PM): ._.
AngrySex88 (7:37:33 PM): try to get other friends here
AngrySex88 (7:37:59 PM): way to bring up sams stay in rehab dumbass =D

Scene 13: Yumitoad Stalks Virginia

LyfeRollsOn420 (7:46:25 PM) has entered the room.
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:46:36 PM): ...?
yumito100 (7:46:49 PM): there you go
yumito100 (7:46:51 PM): people
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:46:57 PM): who are you people?
Nando092 (7:47:01 PM): XD
Nando092 (7:47:05 PM): I'm Nando
Nando092 (7:47:05 PM): >_>
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:47:13 PM): ......
yumito100 (7:47:18 PM): no .......
AngrySex88 (7:47:18 PM): who's this
AngrySex88 (7:47:22 PM): i'm mickey
corkyredskin69 (7:47:27 PM): and i'm mickey
serbianstud17 (7:47:34 PM): WE KNO
serbianstud17 (7:47:35 PM): OK
yumito100 (7:47:37 PM): i think its mirissa but i havent been on aim in a while
Nando092 (7:47:41 PM): XD
yumito100 (7:47:43 PM): and i cant spell
serbianstud17 (7:47:52 PM): U LIKE TO HAVE ANGRY SEX WITH CHRIS WEBB
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:47:55 PM): tori........
yumito100 (7:48:02 PM): ooo
yumito100 (7:48:05 PM): sry : /
Nando092 (7:48:06 PM): XD
Nando092 (7:48:08 PM): LMFAO
Nando092 (7:48:13 PM): Good job Yumitoad
Nando092 (7:48:13 PM): XD
serbianstud17 (7:48:21 PM): U KNO WAT IMA ROLL SO FUCK YALLS
yumito100 (7:48:22 PM): i bet u dono who i am :P
AngrySex88 (7:48:25 PM): 4/20 isn't a rolling da
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:48:25 PM): i dont think i know any of you....
corkyredskin69 (7:48:32 PM): *day
yumito100 (7:48:39 PM): you know me
yumito100 (7:48:42 PM): :' (
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:48:45 PM): no i dont
yumito100 (7:48:48 PM): wana bet
AngrySex88 (7:48:48 PM): HA
yumito100 (7:48:51 PM): think midle skool
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:49:05 PM):
Nando092 (7:49:09 PM): You know
yumito100 (7:49:10 PM): .....
AngrySex88 (7:49:13 PM): this guys a creeo
AngrySex88 (7:49:16 PM): *creeo
Nando092 (7:49:16 PM): The kid who always tried touching?
Nando092 (7:49:19 PM): you*
AngrySex88 (7:49:20 PM): leave while you can
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:49:25 PM): IM CONFUSED
AngrySex88 (7:49:29 PM): leave now
AngrySex88 (7:49:32 PM): this guys a douch
AngrySex88 (7:49:34 PM): e
yumito100 (7:49:36 PM): we had our own hand shake with our feet
Nando092 (7:49:37 PM): XD
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:49:44 PM): i dont remember?????????
yumito100 (7:49:49 PM):
yumito100 (7:50:02 PM): i was friends with nick
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:50:07 PM): ew
yumito100 (7:50:10 PM): lol
corkyredskin69 (7:50:14 PM): HA!
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:50:24 PM): i still dont know
AngrySex88 (7:50:27 PM): OWNED!
yumito100 (7:50:28 PM): my names eric
yumito100 (7:50:30 PM): >.>
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:50:39 PM): stevens?
yumito100 (7:50:40 PM): i had cancer
yumito100 (7:50:41 PM): yeah
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:50:46 PM): OHHHHHHHHHHHH
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:50:47 PM): ok
yumito100 (7:50:54 PM): u can leave now
Nando092 (7:50:57 PM): XD
Nando092 (7:50:59 PM): LMFAO
yumito100 (7:50:59 PM): just no1 was typeing
Nando092 (7:51:01 PM): XD
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:51:02 PM): how the fuck did you get my sn you stalker
yumito100 (7:51:06 PM): uhh
Nando092 (7:51:07 PM): HAHAHAHA
Nando092 (7:51:07 PM): XD
yumito100 (7:51:11 PM): u gave it to me?
corkyredskin69 (7:51:12 PM): LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
corkyredskin69 (7:51:16 PM): no she didn't
yumito100 (7:51:17 PM): am i not on ur list?
yumito100 (7:51:19 PM): cuz ur on mine
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:51:23 PM): no your not
yumito100 (7:51:27 PM): uhh
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:51:28 PM): ...
Nando092 (7:51:33 PM): .....
Nando092 (7:51:36 PM): LMFAO
yumito100 (7:51:37 PM): then u never added me *crys*
AngrySex88 (7:51:42 PM): and you're not eric stevens
Nando092 (7:51:43 PM): Good one yumitoad
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:51:44 PM): i guess not
Nando092 (7:51:44 PM): XD
AngrySex88 (7:51:52 PM): lol
corkyredskin69 (7:51:57 PM): you're a stalker
yumito100 (7:52:01 PM): so?
yumito100 (7:52:06 PM): i love rape
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:52:10 PM): paha i like your friends there funny
yumito100 (7:52:12 PM): it helps me get though my day
Nando092 (7:52:16 PM): ._.
Nando092 (7:52:19 PM): I bet, yumi
yumito100 (7:52:25 PM): i wouldnt call any1 here a friend but nando
yumito100 (7:52:29 PM): and were not even close
corkyredskin69 (7:52:31 PM): i don't even know this kid
yumito100 (7:52:44 PM): i just joined a ranbdom chat room basicly
corkyredskin69 (7:52:49 PM): and i'm under the impression his name is eric stevens
corkyredskin69 (7:52:52 PM): and he had cancer
corkyredskin69 (7:52:55 PM): and he's into shrooms
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:52:56 PM): yep
corkyredskin69 (7:52:59 PM): and he's friends with nammy
Nando092 (7:53:06 PM): I just met Yumitoad
Nando092 (7:53:07 PM): Kinda
AngrySex88 (7:53:08 PM): you can say that again mr. garrison
Nando092 (7:53:08 PM): XD
AngrySex88 (7:53:18 PM): My name is Mickey
AngrySex88 (7:53:21 PM): I'm 34
AngrySex88 (7:53:24 PM): Single
AngrySex88 (7:53:27 PM): Looking to Mingle
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:53:27 PM): thats gross
yumito100 (7:53:29 PM): ZzZzZ
AngrySex88 (7:53:33 PM): lmfao
yumito100 (7:53:34 PM): watch out pedo alert
Nando092 (7:53:53 PM): LFMAO
AngrySex88 (7:53:54 PM): i'm a sophomore at ridgewood, so actually it's worse
Nando092 (7:53:55 PM): Mickey
serbianstud17 (7:53:56 PM): ITS JOHN WAYNE GACEY
Nando092 (7:53:56 PM): XD
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:54:00 PM): this chat room is making me angry
AngrySex88 (7:54:04 PM): that being a 34 year old in a chat room
corkyredskin69 (7:54:11 PM): and me and him are the same person
AngrySex88 (7:54:18 PM): you can say that again mr. garrison
yumito100 (7:54:25 PM): ...
yumito100 (7:54:31 PM): i realy dont like corky
AngrySex88 (7:54:39 PM): i really don't like you
Nando092 (7:54:42 PM): ._.
AngrySex88 (7:54:45 PM): you remind me of jon hansen
AngrySex88 (7:54:46 PM): lol
Nando092 (7:54:46 PM): Fun chat, huh guys?
Nando092 (7:54:47 PM): XD
Nando092 (7:54:48 PM): OMFG
Nando092 (7:54:51 PM): JON HANSEN
Nando092 (7:54:52 PM): XD
Nando092 (7:54:54 PM): LMFAO
Nando092 (7:54:54 PM): XD
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:54:55 PM): how do you invite people
yumito100 (7:54:57 PM): im sorry i dont remeber giveing you the right to talk
yumito100 (7:55:07 PM): top right were it says add
AngrySex88 (7:55:11 PM): this is my chat dumbass
serbianstud17 (7:55:14 PM): YUMITO U CAN GO SUCK MA DICK
yumito100 (7:55:15 PM): type in a letter
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:55:16 PM): oh
AngrySex88 (7:55:18 PM): nammy just invited yo bitch ass
yumito100 (7:55:18 PM): should bring up a list
yumito100 (7:55:23 PM): STFU
Nando092 (7:55:26 PM): Yumi doesn't remind me of Jon
yumito100 (7:55:27 PM): no1 likes you
Nando092 (7:55:32 PM): Jon's a dick
Nando092 (7:55:34 PM): Yumi
Nando092 (7:55:36 PM): Well
yumito100 (7:55:36 PM): ?
serbianstud17 (7:55:40 PM): MORE PPL LIKE MKE THAN U
Nando092 (7:55:40 PM): He's Yumi
serbianstud17 (7:55:41 PM): K
Nando092 (7:55:41 PM): XD
yumito100 (7:55:46 PM): i am indeede
serbianstud17 (7:55:52 PM): NOT THE FAGS FROM ARLINGTON HIGHTS
AngrySex88 (7:55:54 PM): yumi actually has a sense of humor
yumito100 (7:55:55 PM): the girls call my delishous
LyfeRollsOn420 (7:55:57 PM): you people are akward
yumito100 (7:56:10 PM): in a good or bad way?
AngrySex88 (7:56:11 PM): you're awkward
yumito100 (7:56:14 PM): STFU

Scene 14: Enter Bryon

Scene 15: Voe Jenable and the Internet

Numbchuck Monk (6:50:55 PM): I turn on the internet
Numbchuck Monk (6:51:31 PM): AIM radio*
Numbchuck Monk (6:51:33 PM): lol
Nandobayo (6:51:46 PM): Lol
Nandobayo (6:52:00 PM): I turn the internet on every once in a while, too

Scene 16: ipod Nando

its xx meganx (11:15:12 PM): and it was my sister's birthday today and she got a new one
its xx meganx (11:15:16 PM): sooo i get her old nando.
its xx meganx (11:15:16 PM): xP
corkyredskin69 (11:15:19 PM): XD
corkyredskin69 (11:15:22 PM): nando
its xx meganx (11:15:32 PM): ROFL
its xx meganx (11:15:35 PM): NANO*
its xx meganx (11:15:35 PM): wow.
corkyredskin69 (11:15:36 PM): you misspelled something awesome and made it into something awesome
its xx meganx (11:15:38 PM): XDDDDDD

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