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NAME: Michael Abrahamson
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Student/epic winner
MARTIAL STATUS: Single, but jamieclaude is having my love child, so you'll have to deal with my baby mama being way better than u at plastic guitar
ABOUT ME: I'm in college at Bemidji State University in Bemidji Minnesota, its cold and boring up here but they gave me a golf scholarship so I decided to not pay for college :)
I'm a senior and will be graduating in the spring but staying an extra semester to get my Minor in Computer Forensics then I'll be traveling to Phoenix AZ to try and
further my carrer as a golf professional by playing on the gateway tour. Odds are this is a long shot but i don't wanna be 40 years old wake up one day and wonder
"what if" plus i hate winter and it will be a nice break to leave minnesota. I love to play sports mainly basketball and golf but anything competitive i'll be right there
as well.


I started with guitar hero 2 for the xbox when it came out, was awful, sucked on medium lost every pfo i ever did and worst of all i had a buddy on the golf team who could pass freebird and at this time that was like watching someone float, it just wasn't possible. Having the most addictive personality you will ever find, i used to be so addicted to gambling i paid rent for a semester from blackjack, i also lost my entire bankroll on one hand of high stakes no limit poker on the internet and since that day have never set foot in a casino or put a dollar on an online website, to fill most of my addictions i usually needed there to be money on it but then my competitive juices began to flow again over a video game. After a few months of playing i beat the xpert career with the xception of jordan and then went to ps2 coop with my buddy on the golf team. I think we got to 50th at some point when we put in our scores after i found out about score hero but eventually he leveled off and I kept improving untill the point where i learned about score hero. To be honest my mind was blown, star power paths, squeezes, rankings, i was hooked. My time was filled with learning everthing i could about paths and trying to fc songs that i totally forgot about gambling. So you could say that score hero saved my financial ass filling the addiction that plagued my social life. I never was very elite at gh2 i fcd some songs and was just really excited to get songs that ranked in the top 500 then guitar hero 3 came out and I eventually learned how to effectively squeeze and stopped choking. I ended up fcing 30 songs rather quickly and then another amazing thing happened. I learned about streaming from score hero when I saw the vid of Hellashes fcing jordan. I finally figured out how to make my macs laptop cam work and started to stream, which in turn made me 100x better because no one wants to suck infront of people live lol. I meet a ton of cool people from ustream and made some great rivalries, i knew shonsuperstar from like day 1 of ustream, we used to play, he used to make me eat shit in pfos daily, but i got better. Fc races with holzberd, and just basically having motivation from other people to fc songs pushed my fcs and scores way up. I got as high as 20th on gh3 and finished that game with 67 fcs which ironically i just got black sunshine the day before world tour came out, yea black sunshine was my 66th fc laugh it up :). All and all gh has made me some great internet friends and given me something to do with all me free time in the winter, which if you know minnesota , you know its awful

Dont get me wrong, i was one of the people who thought rock band was a terrible idea, terrible knock off of guitar hero 3 and i was so against playing it. Then one day my gh3 disc broke, already having a broken gh2 disc and no other plastic guitar game i borrowed my buddies rock band 1 disc, after an hour of bitching about rectangles, i was hooked. I played more rock band 1 than you can imagine, dlc became the reason to love tuesdays, and i got pretty good at it. never got all that high in the rankings but with some dlc songs, I ended up grabbing my 1st ever 1st fc of a song with emminence front. After that i was hooked on trying to fc everthing i could and loved the full band feature.
Then rock band 2 came out. I WAS SO EXCITED i had not played anything but rock band for the last like 6 months not even opening guitar hero 3 except for the new dlc and then that was only for a few hours. I ended up becoming much more of an efficient player with breakneck speed on rb2 that i started to fc alot of things i couldn't have even sniffed on rock band 1 and i'm currently 10th for x guitar there. After a few weeks of rock band 2 i heard about PMS/H2O having a rockband/guitar hero division added and decided to try and become a recruit. So i joined and then practices started. I never played much competitive full band stuff but i was hooked again to something new. I loved the concept of meeting and playing with high class players of every instrument and it just pushed me more to try and get better. Thanks to tempest for telling me about this btw.


MOST EXCITING MOMENT: no doubt passing jordan, i failed 1 note pre bnof 10 runs in a row then finally passed it at 5:12 in the morning, it was my phones screen saver,
i told ever1 i could, non gh players as well :).
GUITAR HERO 2: Freebird
GUITAR HERO 3: The way it ends/ cult of personality
ROCKBAND 1: Rock and Roll Dream
ROCKBAND 2: Visions
Songs Passed: 74 of 74
5-Stars: 74 of 74
6-Stars: 56 of 74
7-Stars: 31
8-stars: 4
100%: 21 of 74
FCs: 15 of 74
Total Score: 19,875,200
Overall Rank: 351st

Songs Passed: 70 of 70
5-Stars: 70 of 70
6-Stars: 70 of 70
7-Stars: 68 of 70
8-stars: 12 of 70
100%: 67 of 70
FCs: 66 of 70
Total Score: 24,308,432
Overall Rank: 34th

Songs Passed: 58 of 58
2-Stars: 58 of 58
3-Stars: 58 of 58
4-Stars: 58 of 58
5-Stars: 58 of 58
6-Stars: 58 of 58
100%: 30 of 58
Total Score: 9,824,882
Overall Rank: 93rd

Songs Passed: 84 of 84
2-Stars: 55 of 84
3-Stars: 55 of 84
4-Stars: 55 of 84
5-Stars: 55 of 84
6-Stars: 55 of 84
100%: 45 of 84
Total Score: 15,041,774
Overall Rank: 12th

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