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Welcome to show and tell, class. Today, I would like to show you all, muna. "ooooooooooooooooooo"
What is this? Muna can speak?


Yes, I can. I am muna. I joined scorehero back in june of 2007. I got GH2 for Christmas in 2006 and have been hooked since. I am not a great player. I only got 11 FCs in GH3 (the only game that I played very seriously). I like to focus more on squeezing as many points out of a song as I can. I hold a few first places on easy throughout most of the games, but am not that into Guitar Hero or Rock Band anymore. I am having fun with RB: Unplugged (which is a great game to own for any PSP owners), and have pretty much left Guitar Hero behind me. Now I only play casaully, but I am still usually on the non-guitar hero related parts of scorehero. I live in South Florida and was born in 1993. I'm not gonna keep updating this so do the math and figure out the age yourself if you care. That's it. I play CoD4, 1 vs 100, Left 4 Dead, Pokemon (competitively) and a lot more. Just ask me so we can set up a game if you are interested. My gamertag is muna13.

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