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Patrick Keistler

This is my RB drum character


Get a job [ ] (2 interviews scheduled)

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14.5 million drum score on RB2 [x]

14.8 million drum score on RB2 [ ]

Scorehero Screenname: pkeistler

Xbox live Gamertag: Aero X

I am currently a PhD student in aerospace engineering at NC State University. I should finish up some time in early 2009.

I mostly play drums on Rock Band, but I also enjoy playing guitar. I play everything on expert, except some vocals, which I suck at. I've been playing Harmonix games since Guitar Hero 1. When Rock Band came out I really switched to playing more drums that guitar, and at this point I'd say I'm better at the drums. I've also played quite a bit of GH3 and a little bit of GH:WT. I think I still enjoy RB more, but GH:WT has it's place. I especially enjoy playing around with the music creator.

I've also been playing real guitar and bass for about 12 years. While you certainly can't learn to play guitar from the game, or vice versa, I really think the two complement each other. Playing guitar helped me to pick up the game much faster, and the game has helped a lot with finger dexterity for playing the real guitar. Basically, I think doing one makes me better at the other. When RB came out, I got really interested in the drums, and eventually purchased a cheap electronic drum kit. I use my RB drum skills along with some online drum lessons to teach myself. At this point, I think I can keep a respectable beat, but I'd still love to take some drum lessons and buy an acoustic drum set, but that will have to wait until I no longer live in an apartment.

Stock Drum Pad Mesh Head Mod

Link to original thread: Stock drum pad mesh heads mod

This thread was started by tsukasa2600. The basic idea is to have mesh heads using mostly the existing drum heads. All of the information necessary to complete the mod has been added into the first post, but I thought I'd put the specifics of my version here, since mine is slightly different. Here is a picture of the finished product.


The difference with mine is that I didn't use the copper tubing, and the mesh head is inside the screws. Here is a picture of the mesh heads themselves attached to 7" embroidery hoops.


Of course I painted the wooden hoops black so it would look purty. Finally, I drew up a little diagram of how it all goes together.



The method of sewing the sensors directly to the mesh ended up being too sensitive and somewhat inconsistent, so I tried a method similar to what many others have used for electronic drum triggers. I basically sandwiched the sensor between two equally thick pieces of soft foam. This new method is absolute perfection for me. I have not had one dropped note, double hit, or crosstalk. And it picks up fast rolls, soft or hard. I used that foam that comes with carrying cases for cameras and tools and what not. The kind that is made up of a bunch of squares that you can rip apart to get the shapes you need.

I pulled off a 2 x 4 block piece and split the middle two so it made a pocket like piece:

text text

I stuck the piezo, shiny side up, inside that pocket and put it in on the pad. I didn't even use anything to hold it in place. With the mesh head on there, the foam is compressed to about half it's normal thickness. The final product is on the right.

text text

If you have any specific questions please refer to the thread, or send one of us a PM.

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