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Hi, I'm ready2rock and I CAN HAS 360 FOR MY BIRTHDAY

My General Thoughts On Guitar Hero

Favorite Song to play from:
Guitar Hero: Texas Flood. I actually like the cover better than the original
Guitar Hero II: Hangar 18
Rocks the 80's: Seventeen
Guitar Hero III: Impulse
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: Train Kept A Rollin'

Favorite Song to listen to from:
Guitar Hero: More Than a Feeling
Guitar Hero II: Carry On Wayward Son
Rocks the 80's: Round and Round
Guitar Hero III: Cliffs of Dover
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: Dream On

Songs I don't like in GH:
Killer Queen. This is the worst cover in any GH game, but love the song
Red Lottery
Yes We Can
Heart Shaped Box. I choked way too many times on that song
Raining Blood
Take This Life
Down n' Dirty. Most random chart in GH
The Way It Ends. Let me 5* this song!!!

How I got into GH and SH:
I had a PS2 and had been playing DDR for a while. In about August of 2006, my cousin starts bothering me about this Guitar Hero that is the best game ever. My cousins gave it to me for Christmas that same year. I started on Medium and in about 2 months had moved my way up to expert. I discovered Scorehero in about July of 2007 looking for videos and such about GH. I joined in August and have been rocking as a part of the site ever since.


Here are some of the things I have done to keep me just over the line of "I really suck"
Note: I do not have a DS
I have passed every song on guitar that I have bought
I have 5*ed all on disc songs
I have FC'ed 44 songs including:
Same Old Song and Dance
Make It
And many more!
The only drum song I cannot beat on expert in RB 1 is Constant Motion because I only got to try it at my friend's house for about an hour
I can do expert vocals


Coming Soon

Other Interests

Coming Soon. Don't take that literally :)

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