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Greetings. My name is Ross O. I am 24 years old. I live in Toronto Ontario Canada. I'm Italian. I'm attending college for Music Production. I aspire to be in the music business in
some capacity. I have played real guitar for 13 years. I started playing Guitar Hero in December 2007. I became a vegetarian last year. I like driving my car for no reason on dark
country roads and energy drinks and second cup cappuccinos. I think goth chicks are hotter than non-goth chicks. Probably why I always pick Judy Nails or Pandora in GH1.
I finally learned how to two-hand tap. I've 5 starred every song in 1/2/3/80's/WT except Through The Fire And Flames, Overkill, And Satch Boogie

My Scores (there all under PS2 on Expert) Some of them are old, a few aren't there, I'm lazy to update.
I never played any DLC or GH: Aerosmith and probably never will. I despise Aerosmith

My 10 Favorite Songs to listen to from the Guitar Hero Series:
1. Raining Blood - Slayer
2. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
3. Dammit - Blink 182
4. The Way It Ends - Prototype
5. One - Metallica
6. Six - All That Remains
7. Even Rats - The Slip
8. Police Truck - The Dead Kennedys
9. Through The Fire And Flames - Dragonforce
10. Surrender - Cheap Trick
Honorable Mention: Laughtrack, Santeria, Hot For Teacher

My Proudest Full or almost Full Combo's (not necessarily most difficult):
Before I Forget, Cherub Rock, Today (8th place as of Nov 13), Hier Kommt Alex, Story Of My Life, Prayer Of The Refugee, Balls To The Wall
Laughtrack, In The Belly Of A Shark, Stricken (-1), My Curse (-1), Knights Of Cydonia (-1 Free Man's Laurels + overstrum in galloping rampage)

My Dreamlist:
Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment
Angeles - Elliott Smith
Robot Insurance - Usurp Synapse
More Pantera and/or Blink 182
Anything by Cannibal Corpse or Radiohead

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