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Hello, My name is Ryan O'Brien. I'm 22 and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I've been an avid gamer since I was about five years old but I only consider myself an average gamer. My Scorehero name is rob10607 and my XBox live game tag is robelleo.

My Obsession with Guitar Hero
I think everyone has their own story on how they got addicted to this franchise (and only the person with the story thinks theirs is funny, and mine is no exception).
Mine started about two years ago when I first heard about the game through work. I was under theimpression that you could play whatever songs with a real guitar but when I walked into EB games one day I saw it and said to my self "5 buttons! How's this gonna be fun?" After a few months and more co-workers raving about it, I finally bought the GH 2 bundle for PS2 and never looked back since. I know own all GH Titles and RB as well. I have both band sets (Only my RB drum set works tho), but I can't beat every song.

My Firsts

The very first time I played GH was in the Carleton Dorms while waiting to get a ride home for thanksgiving. I played Sweet Child 'O Mine on easy and Failed. Then I played Heart Shaped Box and beat it. I quickly moved onto Medium and eventually 5* every song in the game on that level. The first song I beat on Hard was Strutter and on Expert was Mother. The first son I FC'd on Hard was Closer but I didn't record it on Scorehero...This first recorded on was Radium eyes

My Accomplishments

I don't have many accomplishments.
- Completed GH 2 on Expert (Bonus' Not Included)
- Completed Every Game on Hard (Inlcuding All Bonus')
- FC'd 7 Songs on Hard

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