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My name is Alex, but here on Scorehero I am known (or not known) as Rocker800. I live on the East Coast of the United States and I am a huge sports fan. Obviously, because I am here, I am also a huge guitar hero player.

The Start of a New Life

On November 1st, 2007, I played Guitar Hero for the first time. Some kids at my school were anxiously awaiting the release of Guitar Hero III, and they couldn't stop talking about Guitar Hero. Apparently, it is "Liek Teh Best Game Evr". So I went to EB Games (now Gamestop) and pre-ordered Guitar Hero III for the Wii. The day that it came out, I picked up my copy and took it back to my house to play it. I promptly failed Slowride, because I didn't realize that I needed to strum as well as hit the notes at the right time. But, I figured out how to play, and soon beat Easy.
After beating easily beating Easy, I went on to Medium. When I got to Knights of Cydonia, I quit Guitar Hero for ever. Until I picked it up a few weeks later. And beat it. The next time that I was stuck on a song was Raining Blood. I couldn't beat it on Hard. But I ended up beating it after a while. Finally, Expert. I got stuck on so many songs, but the only one that I truly had trouble with was Raining Blood (which I can now beat without starpower). After days and days of frustration, I finaly beat the song. The problem was that I got so nervous whenever I got through Mosh 1 that I quickly choked and died. But, my two friends with whom I had a Guitar Hero rivalry going had both beaten Raining Blood, so I had to also. Lou was a piece of cake.

I Expand My Horizons

After beating Guitar Hero III, I wanted to beat all of the other guitar hero games. So I bought a PS2, and Guitar Hero I and II. I quickly beat those, and I five starred all of Aerosmith soon after its release. When my brother bought an Xbox 360, I bought Guitar Hero III for it so that I could play all the DLC. I sold all of my Wii guitar hero stuff so that I could get guitars and games for the far superior (at least when it comes to Guitar Hero and Rock Band) 360. When my Guitar Hero II disk broke due to my sensor mod in my PS2, I bought Guitar Hero II for the 360. It was a while before I could beat The Devil Went Down To Georgia, but the DLC was worth it.


I know that most of the people here at Scorehero are way better than me, compared to the people that I know, I'm pretty good at Guitar Hero. I have 5 starred all of Guitar Hero II (except for Six [the song not 6 seperate songs]), and all of the Guitar Hero III setlist except for Raining Blood. I only know one person other than myself who has 5 starred Jordan (but I am humbled by all of the videos that I see on Youtube). However, I still have a long way to go.

5 star Jordan [x]
Beat TTFAF [x]
5 star GHII [x]
5 star GHIII [Raining Blood]
FC a bunch of really cool songs (A long term goal, I only have maybe 10 FC's) [ ]

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