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OH SHIT, SON, UPDATE AS OF MAY 22, 2009: so I kind of took a very extended break from GH/RB that basically lasted from January to April of 2009. I've been back a little bit more often, mostly playing Guitar Hero: Metallica with some RB2 and a tiny bit of GH3 mixed in. Though we have the game, I never really got on the GHWT train, which is unfortunate and hopefully I'll have some time over the summer to do so.


soooooooooooooooooo I'm guessing you're fairly bored if you care to read stuff about me, but I'll put it in anyways. My first experience with a plastar was in November of 2007, about two weeks after GH3 game out. Played it at a friend's house and basically thought it was farking awesome. So I got it for myself on the Wii, and it quickly became the only thing I ever did with my free time, as I busted through easy and half of medium in one day, only to quickly hit a barrier in...the first tier of hard. So about a week after I got the game, I was scrounging around the interwebs trying to find out even MORE about this crazy new phenomenon of mine, through means of a GameFAQs post that linked to bjw's monster Raining Blood guide. I looked around this mysterious Scorehero site a bit, decided that Scorehero was a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything, and registered. Within a week I was on the site all the time, posting mainly on TSG but also a bit on Accomplishments and Misc. After beating Raining Blood on expert about two months after getting GH3, I branched out a bit and blah fuck it i'll just write it out here.

--GH3-Wii: Bought November '07, returned March '08 via Activition's GH3-Wii return policy mainly because I had a feeling I would be getting a next-gen system soon/I didn't like my Wii LP anymore. This is where it all began, though. Awesome stuff, as described above.
--GH2-PS2: Bought January '08. Really didn't like it at first, but that was a combination of a horrible 3rd party guitar + trying to adjust to the HOPO window. Mainly the horrible guitar, though. Once I got an SG from my friend, it was a bit better, but still really frustrating, until about early April when I started getting good and tore the shit out of GH2X, going from -16 for the Log to -2, and beating Jordan, all in one day. Every song 5*'d except for Six. I'll get around to that.
--Rock Band-PS2: Bought February '08, standalone game and drumset. Didn't like it that much at first, grew on me a little bit but for the most part I stuck with GH3 for the time being.
--GH1: Bought in April '08, thought it was awesome straight from the start. Possibly my favorite out of the lot to date. Enough said.
--GH3-360: WOOT I GOTSA 360. April 26, 2 days after my birthday. I took it and my Xplorer and slowly started beating almost all of my old scores on GH3-Wii. I beat TTFAF-X on May 31, was totally not expecting it, did it TWICE that day, and, to date, have not beaten it again since. Meanwhile, thanks to some fuggin' sweet DLC (Boss Battles, Dropkicks, We Three Kings, Virtuoso Pack, Dragonforce pack), I found myself enjoying GH3 again throughout the summer of '08. 5*'d everything but TTFAF, FINALLY getting Raining Blood on May 24, 2009. Fucking hell. That took long enough.
--Rock Band-360: Quite a difference from having it on PS2, I'll say. Much more thorough experience, online play, DLC made it much more enjoyable. I spent a lot of my summer getting better at drums on RB, and I finally beat Run to the Hills on expert drums on September 12, on which, about an hour after this epic win, I exchanged the game to Gamestop for store credit towards RB2.
--GHA-360: Fun. Not as much so as any of the other games, but fun.
--Rock Band 2-360: Even if it is (IMO) not much more than an 84-song expansion with a few nice features added in, that's still much appreciated and very awesome. What little time I have devoted to video games nowadays is usually spent playing this, usually on bass, sometimes guitar or drums, vocals when I'm feeling ambitious.
--GH:WT-360: Got it for Christmas and never really got the time to play it much, unfortunately. I'll try to play it a bit this summer.
--GH:M-360: This is ultimately the game that got me back into the GH/RB games. Awesome, awesome stuff. It kicked my ass on my first few tries in the late few songs and I still can't even beat everything in the entire game, but it's fun as hell, man.

--Be able to consistently beat TTFAF: the intro still baffles me. I've successfully tapped through it once, and it wasn't on either of the times i actually beat the song.
--5* everything realistic on GH:M: we'll see what "realistic" ends up being.
--Play GH:WT at all: I pretty much never found any time to do this once the new year rolled around, but over the summer I'll look to it.
--Go back through RB2 career and see what I haven't done: I lost all of my RB2 save data when we got a new 360, so I don't even actually have all of the songs unlocked. I should get around to that.

and that's about it for now.

--My name's Kurt. With a K. Don't spell it with a C or I'll mace you.
--I'm 18 as of last April 24. I'm done with senior year, graduating on June 2nd, and I'll be going to Washington University in St. Louis in the fall. Mucho excited-o.
..Pretty much every kind of music ever
..Diet Dr. Pepper
..Philadelphia sports teams/Penn State
..Swimming/water polo

so that's about everything i have to say for now. Hopefully I can get fully back into these games again sometime this summer.

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