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Scorehero Name: Scotll

XBL Gamertag: Scotll (Yes I use this for everything)

Real Name: Scott (OMG!!!NOWAI)

Age: 15

Sex: Male My Accomplishment thread

I currently own GH3 and GH2 for the 360 (praying my brother doesn't move out soon (he owns the 360, but I own GH2/3)). My friends call me Asian (lolwut) because of my GH skills (Asian fingers ftw), and the fact that 90% of my friends at school are Asian (and so is 98% of the entire school/city), but I'm white and proud of it (although my catch-phrase with some of my friends is "I HATE WHITE PEOPLE").

Guitar Hero III (360)
Total Score21,627,860
Guitar Hero II (360)
Total Score18,013,633

Guitar Hero 3

I first heard about Guitar Hero when me and my friend were walking home after school, and he's just like "Dude have you heard about this song Through the Fire and Flames? It's the hardest song in this Guitar Hero game. It's totally epic, you should check it out." At this point I never really cared too much for music in general (I had a shitty mp3 player, maybe that's why), but I had nothing else to do so I went on youtube, and checked out this Through the Fire and Flames. I knew a bit about Guitar Hero before this, but all I really knew was that there were 5 buttons that you had to hit as the notes came at you on the screen, so I'm thinking "It's a game with 5 buttons and some method of strumming, how hard can they possibly make this..." I clicked on the first video that I saw, and my jaw dropped. Not only were the notes going so ridiculously fast, but this PriestMLH guy was somehow hitting them. After this I decided to check out some other Guitar Hero videos by this PriestMLH person, only to find out that he was really damn good. I look at the videos that he uploaded and remember that there were only a couple songs/bands that I'd even heard of at the time. Instantly I go to When You Were Young by The Killers and I'm just amazed at how this guy is hitting all these notes without missing even 1. But my interest died down pretty quickly, since there were only a couple songs in the game, and since at the time I thought that the harder the song, the higher the score you can get on it, and with When You Were Young, Suck My Kiss, and 3's & 7's having really low scores compared to that first video of TtFaF that I saw, and not many of the other bands sounded very interesting (just from looking at the name, not listening to them) I thought most of the rest of the songs except for those few songs were gonna be either really easy, or really crappy...Oh how wrong I was. So a few months later (maybe about December '07), my friend tells me about that he downloaded the GH3 demo over XBL and that I should get it. I'm like "But I don't have a guitar," and he's like "Don't worry,
Guitar Hero 3 DLC
  • Foo Fighters
  • Velvet Revolver
  • Boss Battle
  • EWWS
  • Warner/Reprise
  • Classic Rock
  • Dropkick Murphy's
  • Motörhead
  • I Am Murloc
  • Top Gun Anthem
  • Guitar Virtuoso
  • Dragonforce
  • Death Magnetic
neither do I and its still really addicting." So I download the demo, and even with the Xbox controller it was still pretty fun. I start playing on easy, and after a while I decide that medium would be better for me, so I step it up and go on medium, and after a week or so I got 100% on The Metal, which was pretty cool. After about a month, I start playing on expert and my friend who told me about it was like "Wow, you're pretty good." But unfortunately, all I had was those 5 songs and I was starting to get bored. After a while, this same friend told me that for Christmas he got the GH3 disc but no guitar, and that he was bored of it so I traded Mass Effect for GH3 for a while. I went through the setlist on Expert with the controller, and made it up to Holiday In Cambodia, and just could not pass that fucking intro. Slightly discouraged, I start a career on hard and play through the setlist. After a couple days I make it up to tier 7, and got Stuck on 3's and 7's and Knights of Cydonia. I thought that my hard career was about to end also, but it was 2am so I decided to go to sleep. The next day I wake up go downstairs, and on my first try pass 3's and 7's, and shortly after pass KoC. Cult of Personality was really easy on the controller, and then I make it to tier 8...The first song I tried was I think NotB, and I failed somewhere around the second solo (can't quite remember), and then I try Cliffs of Dover and pass that on my first try. So then I try Raining Blood, and as soon as I play that first note I think to myself "Oh my god, this song is gonna be really hard..." because that's what I got from the first was gonna be really heavy metal. So I fail at Mosh 1, and then proceed to playing One. For the first half of the song, I'm like "How the hell is this song in tier 8," then I get to the Darkness Riff...And on an Xbox controller, playing that is a bitch. Needless to say I failed. I never actually passed One on the controller until after I got the game for my Birthday in June. Eventually I figured out how to hit Mosh 1, and how not to fail in NotB, and passed those 2 songs, but One haunted me for a while. Eventually we traded back in about May, and I had the game for about 2 months. I still however knew nothing about Hammer Ons and Pull Offs. I got GH3 for my birthday in June and immediately resumed trying to beat One with the controller. After about 2 days I had a major fluke and managed to make it to FSA without using SP, and then proceeded to passing the song. Then Lou wasn't actually very hard to beat, and somehow I had beaten hard career with an Xbox controller. However I didn't feel like playing with the controller anymore, so I then learned how to play with the guitar and (FINALLY) learned about HO/PO's.

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