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Sedron is a relatively average GH/RB player. It should be noted that he was the first to FC Give It Away on medium vocals. Or maybe it shouldn't be noted, since it's a pretty easy FC for anyone with a functioning voicebox. Also, normally Sedron does not talk about himself in third-person anywhere but in this wiki page.

The Avatar

Sedron's avatar depicts a bumblebear. Bumblebears are the offspring of bears and bees. How exactly this is possible is not entirely known at the moment. This particular avatar was edited in the fantastic program known only as "Paint." It is originally from this Cyanide and Happiness comic:

The Name

"Sedron," is a completely random word devoid of any real meaning. The name was quickly come up with two or three years ago for use the videogame "World of Warcraft." Basically, the idea of this name is just to sound relatively cool. Whether or not it accomplishes this task may differ from one person to another.

I occassionally use the name "Seiterman," or "Seiterman7," for certain things. Seiterman is my Wii username for GH3, and my Xbox Live Gamertag is Seiterman7. FUN FACT- I'm on the Wii Leaderboards for longest battle win streak. I was second place once upon a time.

Guitar Hero Career


It was a few months before Christmas of 2006. Guitar Hero 2 had hit store shelves and I saw it in a Best Buy. My brother and I played a song on Medium. We ended up getting the game at Christmas-time. For the first two weeks, my brother, Father and I played Medium at equal skill. After this, my Father and I progressed to Hard. We both got stuck at Carry Me Home (that intro can be a bitch.) After a long time, I beat that song and the Hard career, with my Father completing this goal a few months later.


Expert held a few obstacles. The first was Freya, which my Father has yet to pass. After this, Rock This Town and Crazy On You blocked my progress. Rock This Town's swing-riff zig-zag was apparently really hard. Crazy On You's intro was difficult too. Tier 7 had Psychobilly Freakout, which for obvious reasons was hard. Finally, I reached Tier 8. The worst part of Tier 8 was Hangar 18. Around July or August, I finally beat that and Free Bird.

My Start On Scorehero

On August 22nd, 2007, I began submiting scores on the site. I heard about Scorehero after reading an article about Wulfe in GameInformer. I figured "Wow, I could get that good!" Boy, was I wrong. Turns out that even though I had experienced a huge gain of experience within the last 6 months, that learning curve kinda starts to even out to an extent. Nonetheless, I began submitting scores for GH2.
Around the same time, I encountered Jordan for the first time. I am still stuck at freakin' 60% on this song. This made me really cautious with the next bonus song I played, so I stocked up on SP in it, waiting for a crazy solo to pop up. Turns out Parasite does not have a crazy solo, and thus I FC'd it on sightread without star power.

GH3 and Onward

Somehow, I found GH3 to be much easier than GH2, and blazed through it within days of it's release. The only songs that were true failing threats to me were the Guitar Battle Vs. Lou and Through The Fire And Flames. I beat Lou two or three days after the game was released. I beat TTFAF November 26th, 2007.
The songs I failed on sightread were:
Guitar Battle Vs. Tom Morello
Holiday in Cambodia
Raining Blood
Guitar Battle Vs. Lou
Mauvais Garcon
Through The Fire And Flames
Recentely, I have become more active on the Scorehero forums. I just recieved the Guitar Legend ranking.
I am also going to put in all of my old GH2 scores for lower difficulties. I got these scores over a year ago when I started and will use them to increase my overall score.

Equipment, Systems and Games


Games: Equipment:


Games: Equipment:

X-Box 360

Games: Equipment: Previous Equipment:

DS (Original)



Guitar God Status on GH1- [X]
Guitar God Status on GH2- [X]
Guitar God Status on GH80's- [X]
Guitar God Status on GH3- [Through The Fire And Flames]
Guitar God Status on GHA- [X] (though some scores on the site need updating...)
Guitar God Status on GHWT- [X]
Guitar God Status on RB1(non-DLC)- [X] (not all GS'd)
Guitar God Status on RB2(non-DLC)- [Chop Suey, Visions]
Beat Jordan- [X] (YES!) 12/25/08
Break a guitar controller and smash it in the street- [X] 10/4/08
50 100%'s- [X]
100 100%'s [X] 7/24/09
Be the first to FC something, anything.... [X]

GH/RB Wishlist

Red, Orange, Yellow- Photo Atlas
Metropolis, Part 1 (The Miracle and The Sleeper)- Dream Theater
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Pack- would include the following songs: Van Halen Pack: Some ideas include Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm (It's on GHOT:D but not GHWT?!?)
I Am Santa Claus- Bob Rivers
Am I Ever Gonna Change?- Extreme (GH/RB needs more Extreme alltogether)
Low- Foo Fighters
Paradise City- Guns n' Roses
Pendulous Threads- Incubus
Concerto- Cacophony
Tommy the Cat- Primus (I agree with DJCardShark on this, saw it on his Wiki first.)
2 Minutes To Midnight-Iron Maiden
Wasted Years- Iron Maiden
Heaven Can Wait- Iron Maiden
Don't Stop Believin'- Journey (Thank You Harmonix!)
Shadowplay- The Killers
Walk With Me In Hell- Lamb of God
Once In A Lifetime- Talking Heads (if possible, no idea)
Breaking The Habit- Linkin Park
Washington Is Next!- Megadeth
Blackmail The Universe- Megadeth
Enter Sandman- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (Awesome Cover)
Chocolate Pudding- Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Kids Aren't Alright- The Offspring (Thank You Harmonix!)
Last Resort- Papa Roach (Thanks Harmonix, but that master sucks...)
C*m On Feel The Noize- Quiet Riot
Mother's Little Helper- Rolling Stones
Tribute- Tenacious D
Eruption- Van Halen
Better- Guns n' Roses

FC List (Guitar-Expert Only)

I Love Rock & Roll
I Wanna Be Sedated
More Than A Feeling
Killer Queen
Fat Lip
Behind The Mask
Sail Your Ship By

GH1 FC Total: 10

Shout At The Devil
Heart-Shaped Box
Message In A Bottle
Cherry Pie
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
John The Fisherman
Radium Eyes
Soy Bomb
Mr. Fix It

GH2 FC Total: 12

We Got The Beat
Only A Lad
18 And Life (Happened in Co-op, no single-player score as of yet)
Los Angeles

GH80's FC Total: 5

Slow Ride
Talk Dirty To Me (Score Not Recorded, Still Going for another FC of it)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Story Of My Life
Mississippi Queen
Sunshine of Your Love
Bulls On Parade
When You Were Young
Miss Murder
Lay Dow
My Name Is Jonas
La Grange
Generation Rock
Metal Heavy Lady
Radio Song

GH3 FC Total:20

GH:A (PS2) :
Dream Police
Dream On

GH:A FC Total: 2

GHWT (360) :
Livin' On A Prayer
About A Girl (Unplugged)
Beautiful Disaster
Obstacle 1
The One I Love
Some Might Say
What I've Done
Band On The Run
Up Around The Bend
The Joker
Ramblin' Man
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
Float On
Nuvole E Lenzuola
Toy Boy
Re-Education Through Labor

GHWT FC Total: 22

Assorted Non-FC 100%'s
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
Cat Scratch Fever (Sightread)

All GH FC Total: 72
All GH 100% Total: 75

RB1 (360):
Mississippi Queen
Time We Had
Here It Goes Again
Blitzkrieg Bop
Wave Of Mutilation
I Think I'm Paranoid
The Hand That Feeds
I'm So Sick
Blood Doll
When You Were Young
Gimme Shelter
Tom Sawyer

RB1 100% Total: 15

RB2 (360):
Cool For Cats
My Own Worst Enemy
We Got The Beat
Float On
Hungry Like The Wolf
That's What You Get
Nine In The Afternoon
You Oughta Know

RB2 100% Total: 9

RBDLC (360):
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You Now)
Still Alive

RBDLC 100% Total: 2

All RB 100% Total: 26

All GH/RB 100% Total: 100

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